JEFF for the Gomes family — HI

JeffAlapaki and Joanna got married in 2009 and spoke of the desire to have a “larger family”. God has honored that desire and by 2013, they had 3 young children. But God knew of a little boy half a world away that needed a family and in 2014, Joanna traveled to Ukraine to bring home a little boy to grow their family to 4 children. God smiled and blessed them with another baby in 2015 and so the number became 5. Joanna and Alapaki agreed, they had very full hands and with a full mini-van, it was time to call it quits. Well, God is smiling again and stirred in their hearts for another little boy half a world away who wants nothing more than to be part of a family. They are overjoyed at the prospect of this little boy joining their crazy family and a bigger vehicle to accommodate! So please pray for them as they step out on this journey for wisdom, discernment, and peace. Thank you!

9/12/2017– APPT RECEIVED 10/9
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