LAYLA for the Adams family — NC

Layla3_July 2016The Adams adoption adventure actually spans several years. It was a desire Diane had since she was young. Diane always loved children and raised a wonderful son (Nick). However, with pay equivalent to a teacher and single, it took several years to actually be in a position to be able to afford adoption. Diane saved over the years, but hadn’t quite gathered the entire amount needed to cover the expenses. There were garage sales and she grew a garden and canned the vegetables to save money here and there. Slowly her nest egg grew. Then sadly, her brother passed away after a long illness. Her brother was aware of her desire to adopt, and Diane was surprised to learn he provided a small sum of money to jump start the process. He would have been so happy to know that he had a part in her adventure.

In 2009, after what seemed forever, Diane began her first adoption. The referral was an incredibly small, sickly little girl in Eastern Europe. At the time of the first visit this little one-year-old was not able to sit independently, crawl, stand or support herself. She had digestive problems and was not able to absorb food adequately. It was felt she possibly has celiac disease or some other digestive disorder. She was failure to thrive, and the international adoption medical specialist said she had severe global delays. On the first visit, this little one looked up at Diane when she held her and just smiled. Diane knew that this little girl belonged with her. The adoption was complete in 2010. It was later learned that this little one was hearing impaired. Today, Makenzie is thriving in every way. While she wears bilateral hearing aids and does have celiac’s disease, her daughter reads in the top of her class and does equally as well in math. She enjoys gymnastics and is beautiful, loving and amazing in every way. She adores having a big brother, and he adores her.

In 2014, Diane began to feel that tug to add to her family again and pursue another adoption. She started having garage sales and her co-workers helped by donating items. She had a pastry fund raiser and even posted a go fund me page. Makenzie helped by selling homemade brownies at the garage sale. One day, in 2016, while Diane was looking on a web site that posts profiles of orphans with special needs, she saw a picture of a sweet little girl (Layla), in Eastern Europe. Layla had a rough start with club feet (now corrected), microcephaly and a genetic eye defect. She also had developmental delays, but she seemed to be a perfect fit for the Adams growing family. The Adams family is excited to add this sweet little girl to their family but still has a few financial hurdles before they can get there. We hope that others will want to make the difference in the life of this special little girl as well.


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