SYDNEY for the Branscum family — WA

From as far back as Brianna can remember she has been inspired to adopt because of her sister. Her sister was adopted from Korea back in the 70’s. So, when Brianna and Josh got married it wasn’t a question that at some point they would adopt. They have almost been married 13 years and now have 7 biological boys ranging from 1 to 10 years old. The discussion has always been very open with their boys about adopting, but they have always said down the road. Maybe 10 years. Their 8-year-old is already making plans to adopt teenagers from foster care when he grows up. He talks constantly about adoption and ask every question under the sun. Adopting a special needs child hadn’t always been the plan though. Brianna has always been drawn to Down Syndrome kids and has looked through Reece’s Rainbow numerous times over the years. She’d always show kids to Josh, but they knew it wasn’t the right time. Special needs kids made him nervous. Then a little over a year ago he had a change of heart. He was completely on board with adopting a special needs child. Brianna continued to read blogs about other families adopting. One family in particular that was adopting 4 kids lead her to this specific country, so all she would look at was kids from there. One day though she pulled open 4 kids pages and when Josh got home she showed him. One adorable, little boy they closed instantly because there wasn’t a ton of information and it scared them. They both agreed to pray about the other 3 kids. Ultimately, they didn’t feel like God was telling them to adopt any of these 3 kids. A month or so later one of the pages Brianna follows on Facebook shared a blog by Wide Awake International. The little boy in the preview photo oddly looked familiar so she opened it up. And there right in front of her was that little boy that they had closed the webpage instantly on! It was love at first sight. His giggle and smile stole her heart. When Josh got home he couldn’t believe it. They both agreed to pray about this little boy, but already could tell God was speaking to them about him. A few days later as Brianna was carrying their youngest to the changing table after he had cried in the middle of the night she felt an overwhelming feeling that the little boy was meant to be there son. She texted Josh at work instantly and he agreed! They gave it fully to God to help them figure out the funds to commit to this little boy by Thanksgiving and He came through instantly. All their other boys are so excited! They had always begged for a sister, but the mention of a new brother brought no request for a sister and just the question of how fast can he be their brother. So now we are praying and doing whatever it takes to get him home and make him Branscum Boy #8!

Due to family circumstances that have changed they will not be able to bring the sweet boy home as planned, but a family leaving very soon is adding him to their adoption. They are thrilled to be adding two children to their family!


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