3 Siblings for the Howell Family — WA

howell-trioJustin and Codi Howell are high school sweethearts who have now been married for nine years. Codi has wanted to have a large family and to pursue adoption ever since she was a little girl and Justin was adopted himself. Adoption has always been something that is close to their hearts.

The Howells currently have four children at home and one in heaven. Anna is seven, Levi is four, Amelia is three, and Claire is two. Both Amelia and Claire have Down syndrome. The couple adopted Amelia from Eastern Europe in 2015. She has thrived in their home and the Howells feel so blessed to be her parents. Their daughter, Emelyn, was born with a very rare condition and passed away due to complications in 2010.

In May 2016, while scrolling through her Facebook news feed, Codi saw a picture of a sibling group that was available for summer hosting. Not knowing much about hosting but feeling a tug on her heart and an instant connection to the children in the picture, Codi sent the picture and summary to Justin who immediately felt the same connection. It was the siblings’ last chance for hosting and the couple had just one week to raise the full amount of funds needed for the children’s hosting fees. They prayed and God provided the full amount in just THREE DAYS! The couple hosted the children in their home for five weeks. Their love for them was instantaneous and all members of the family bonded quickly and easily … it was meant to be! Saying “goodbye” to the children who so quickly became their own was one of the hardest things the couple has ever done. The Howells are working quickly to be reunited with their children.

The Howells appreciate your financial support as they, once again, “step out of the boat” in obedience.

12/1/17 — COURT on DEC 12
Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at siblingsforthehowells.blogspot.com

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