Braxton (L)

Boy, born May 2014
Down syndrome, specific mixed developmental disorder, average level of bronchial asthma, and an open arterial duct

Listed: March 1, 2016

Braxton is such a serious and adorable little boy!


Update 2018: 4 year old boy with Down syndrome, mixed specific development disorders, and asthma. His motor development is significantly delayed but he is more active in his environment than before. He walks holding someone’s hand and can take a few steps without help. He became more active once he got glasses. He plays with objects and is copying some simple actions with an adults help. He has a weak language understanding and does not know the objects in his environment. He doesn’t react to verbal instructions but smiles when is spoken to and loudly expresses his wishes. His expressive language is becoming more active. He loves to take a bath and play in a water.

Update from a family who met him in January 2019: He was a very small boy for his age. He came right to me after a few minutes of eye contact. He was so sweet. He can walk and crawl. He let me hold him and play. He is the oldest in his classroom and definitely isnt being pushed for his full potential which I believe is there! Definitely a sweetie who needs a mama ASAP!!!

Also he was doing wonderful with his glasses and understood what nannies were saying to him. Giggled when tickled. He was very smart when we went for a walk in the hall…he crawled down to his “favorite room” which was the music/movement room. He knew exactly where to go and that he wanted in 😉

Additional pictures & video available.

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