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Braxton (L)

Boy, born May 2014
Down syndrome, specific mixed developmental disorder, average level of bronchial asthma, and an open arterial duct

Listed: March 1, 2016

Braxton is such a serious and adorable little boy!

Braxton is reported to have a psychomotor development delay: he can roll, lift up his head and chest all the way on his hands, sits with support to his back, and stands while he is held. Braxton’s emotions are not expressed yet, he smiles after stimulation. He is not actively interested in the environment, very often pays attention to his hands and legs. He eats from a spoon and is fed, drinks from a bottle and has good appetite. Braxton falls asleep fast and his sleep is calm. He will need future speech therapy, a special education teacher, social worker and physical therapy.

Braxton is reported to be doing very well and much better than described.

Update 2018:4 year old boy with Down syndrome, mixed specific development disorders, and asthma. His motor development is significantly delayed but he is more active in his environment than before. He walks holding someone’s hand and can take a few steps without help. He became more active once he got glasses. He plays with objects and is copying some simple actions with an adults help. He has a weak language understanding and does not know the objects in his environment. He doesn’t react to verbal instructions but smiles when is spoken to and loudly expresses his wishes. His expressive language is becoming more active. He loves to take a bath and play in a water.

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