SHARI for the Anderson family — NM

Anderson famshari 2016We’re the Anderson family. Two years ago, we brought home two older boys with fairly significant special needs from China. Before we even brought the boys home, we knew we had one more child to bring home. We didn’t know who that child was, but we had no doubt, before even starting, that there were three more Andersons waiting somewhere!

The time has now come to join our family together! We’re traveling back to one of our favorite places, the massive continent of Asia, to bring home our daughter, known as Shari here on RR and Piper on Love Without Boundaries. She’s rocking those designer genes, and we’re so excited to round out our group with the blessing of Down Syndrome. Our theme seems to be threes. When this adoption is finished we’ll have three girls and three boys. Three American born, three China born. Three adopted, three home grown. Three teenagers, and three children just beginning the stages of elementary school.

We believe in patience. We believe in taking very little seriously. We believe in fun, in humor, in board games, museums, family time, horrible puns, and dad jokes. Most of all, we believe in doing the things that God has asked us to do, with a faith that promises, not that it will ever be easy, but that it will be right. To follow our journey, please check out our blog,  and walk with us while we do just as the hymn that inspired our blog name suggests. “It may not be on the mountain height, or over the stormy sea. It may not be on the battle’s front my Lord will have need of me. But if by a still small voice He calls, to paths that I do not know, I will answer dear Lord, with my hand in Thine, I’ll go where You want me to go.”

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DANNY and WAYNE for the Anderson family — NM

Danny FSP wayne 1


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Finn (Wayne) 2015

Finn (Wayne) 2015

Jake (Danny) 2015

Jake (Danny) 2015

OLENA for the Puderbaugh Family — NM


With nineteen children between us, we had thought our family was complete, but Heavenly Father knew differently. Last summer I was drawn to all of the beautiful children on the Reece’s Rainbow website and inquired about a few of the older boys. For one reason or another, none of them worked out. Finally one day in August, Andrea emailed me, “How about Olena?” This was a very tiny six-year-old girl in Ukraine with an unrepaired heart condition as well as Down Syndrome and no one knew, with her serious medical condition, just what her prognosis would be. After I consulted with a pediatric cardiologist, I hesitantly presented her profile to my husband. Both of us knew with a certainty that this little girl needed a family and that family was us.


We fast-tracked our paperwork, and with a very pro-active social worker and USCIS officer, a few months later our dossier was submitted. We traveled for the first time before Christmas to meet the little girl we would name Mattea and my heart broke to see her even smaller than my 2-year-old son, and only 23 pounds.. Since my husband was over the age limit, I was adopting her as a “married individual” and we worried that this would complicate the case, but our wonderful facilitators got us through court without a hitch. I traveled back in January to bring our new little daughter home. When we first met her she was not walking independently and needed to be fed chopped food from a spoon. She had no idea how to put food in her own mouth. She had spent six years of her life in a playpen. After only three months at home, she is blossoming like a little flower. She is now walking on her own and is able to finger-feed with soft foods. She is social and seeks out affection. She now weighs 31 pounds, and today she had her very first haircut. Her health is much better and we are hoping to be able to have her heart fixed. We are so blessed to have her in our family. We believe the words of Jeremiah— “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)