ANNA SOPHIA for the Davis family — MS

Anna SophiaAlmost four years ago they said “I do” … the last three of those years have been quite the wild ride! From the premature birth of Wyatt, their biological son and the numerous scares involved in his first 6 months of life, to the loss of two children through miscarriage, to orphan hosting and adoption. Definitely not for the faint of heart … But they wouldn’t change a second of it! They had talked about feeling like they were still missing something, or truly someone, in their family. They all knew God wasn’t done quite yet. They just never dreamed it would be so soon!

While Tina was in Asia picking up their precious Evelyn Grace, she met the child God has called them to return for. The sweetest face and most gentle spirit were impossible to ignore. She has come so far in her short little life, but still has a long way to go. There are multiple concerns that will need addressing and others that will need explored. Regardless, she desperately needs medical care and therapy, and most importantly the love of a forever family.

They prayed and prayed about this child … the above verse was brought to their attention and it really struck a never. It didn’t take long for them to see their path, when God tells you to go, you go.

3/28/2017—LOA RECEIVED
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MAGNOLIA for the Thomas Family — MS

Thomas family (2)Paul and Dava Thomas have been happily married 15 years and have been blessed to have 3 biological children ages 18, 14, and 10. Their family has heartily advocated for many orphans and hosted many in their home. Dava has always known that one day she would adopt and it has been a desire of hers for the last 10 years. Four years ago, the Thomas family was adopting from an Eastern European Country, and the child they had hosted and loved was adopted before they could get there. This was devastating to the Thomas family and they mourned a long time for their daughter. The summer of 2016 the Thomas family hosted a 3-year-old girl from Asia. Dava had seen her photo many times over the year in the advocacy group and then she was available for hosting. The moment the Thomas family saw her it was love at first sight. Magnolia Grace is a missing piece of their family. Magnolia has many special needs, some of a sensitive matter and must travel over 10 hours for her testing and surgery once she is home.

Paul and Dava were not financially prepared to adopt when they hosted Magnolia Grace therefore fundraising is a must. The Thomas family knew when they put her on the plane after her vacation in the USA that they had to bring her home. The Thomas family knew she was their daughter and hit the ground running with the paper work. The Thomas family needs financial support to bring her home in a timely manner. The Thomas Family hopes to travel by Spring of 2017.


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CHELSEY for the Ashley family — MS

Ashley FamilyChelsey-updateThis is the Ashley family, Ken, Amy, Travis (11), and Cai (10).  They have been married for 25 years.  As of 13 years ago, they had been married for 12 years and had no children.  They never dreamed that 13 years later they would be at the point of having 3 children; but God is faithful, and He is on time.

Their first child, a wonderful son, was born in October, 2004. They felt so blessed and assumed that they probably wouldn’t have any more children.  In 2012, their pastor’s wife was about to go on a mission trip to China to work with orphans at a Bring Me Hope camp.  One Wednesday night before her trip, the pastor’s wife told a story about an infertile couple who were about to adopt from China. Amy says that something came over her while hearing that story, and she began to think about adopting from China for days and nights after that.  About a year later, the pastor’s wife, the Ashley’s neice, and another girl from their church went back to China to volunteer at the Bring Me Hope camp.  This team of ladies began sending pictures of one of their campers to the Ashley family.  When they saw those pictures, they knew that this was their daughter, and they went to China about 1 year later to adopt that camper who became Cai Ashley in July of 2014.  They felt so blessed and assumed that she would complete their family and that their trip to China to adopt was a once in a lifetime experience; but they now believe God had a different plan.

About a year or so after they came home, Cai went through 3 surgeries, because she was born with spina bifida and scoliosis.  On the day of the last surgery, which was a spinal fusion, they  began to be overwhelmed with thoughts of what if they had not adopted her, what if  she didn’t get those surgeries, and what would have happened to her if she had aged out at 14.  Amy remembers thinking that she would do this all over again and that they COULD do this again.  A couple of months later, they saw the picture of an 11 year old girl on a waiting child advocacy site, who was being advocated for by some Bring Me Hope volunteers.  They reviewed her file, but at the time it seemed that they had a lot of good excuses and reasons not to adopt again.   However, they could not stop thinking and praying about her.  Over the course of the next 5 months, every excuse that they could have had just seemed to be wiped away.  They finally locked her file on June 19th, which just so happened to be Father’s Day.  They have decided to name her Abby, which means my father’s delight.

During that 5 months time of thinking and praying about this adoption, there was some heartache involved, but it made them realize how short life is and that only the things we do for Christ will really matter.  They realize that they can’t save the world, but they can change the world for someone.  There is a song out that says, “He’s calling all hearts, calling all hands.” They know that everyone is not called to international adoption, but they feel that they have been.  They can’t wait to bring a second precious daughter home.  They would like to thank you for reading their story, for your support, and for your prayers!

4/12/17—TA RECVD
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