GULLIVER for the Cochran Family — MS

Thomas (Rusty) and Rachel have been married for 11 years. They have two boys Hunter 10 and Mason 6. They felt a longing to adopt but didn’t know how until a family friend introduced them to Summer hosting. After conflicting schedule issues they had to regrettable turn down hosting after falling in love with sweet Gulliver. God wasn’t through with this story there. He had been warming the hearts of a local adoption advocate to bring Gulliver to visit and hopefully find a forever family. The two families through family friends met and expressed desires to meet. The lady asked Rachel to travel with her to get Gulliver when he arrived from China. Rachel followed Gods calling and packed for the road trip. The family fell in love with Gulliver and the story began. Rusty and Rachel submitted to adopt Gulliver before he ever left the states. Little did they know it wasn’t God’s timing. Rachel was not quite 30 which is a requirement for China adoption. Rusty and Rachel prayed and trusted the lord until the phone call came that Gulliver was still available. They immediately applied for PA and were approved. God has showed up and out all in this family’s story. The family of 4 will soon be a family of 5.


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CHELSEY for the Ashley family — MS

Ashley FamilyChelsey-updateThis is the Ashley family, Ken, Amy, Travis (11), and Cai (10).  They have been married for 25 years.  As of 13 years ago, they had been married for 12 years and had no children.  They never dreamed that 13 years later they would be at the point of having 3 children; but God is faithful, and He is on time.

Their first child, a wonderful son, was born in October, 2004. They felt so blessed and assumed that they probably wouldn’t have any more children.  In 2012, their pastor’s wife was about to go on a mission trip to China to work with orphans at a Bring Me Hope camp.  One Wednesday night before her trip, the pastor’s wife told a story about an infertile couple who were about to adopt from China. Amy says that something came over her while hearing that story, and she began to think about adopting from China for days and nights after that.  About a year later, the pastor’s wife, the Ashley’s neice, and another girl from their church went back to China to volunteer at the Bring Me Hope camp.  This team of ladies began sending pictures of one of their campers to the Ashley family.  When they saw those pictures, they knew that this was their daughter, and they went to China about 1 year later to adopt that camper who became Cai Ashley in July of 2014.  They felt so blessed and assumed that she would complete their family and that their trip to China to adopt was a once in a lifetime experience; but they now believe God had a different plan.

About a year or so after they came home, Cai went through 3 surgeries, because she was born with spina bifida and scoliosis.  On the day of the last surgery, which was a spinal fusion, they  began to be overwhelmed with thoughts of what if they had not adopted her, what if  she didn’t get those surgeries, and what would have happened to her if she had aged out at 14.  Amy remembers thinking that she would do this all over again and that they COULD do this again.  A couple of months later, they saw the picture of an 11 year old girl on a waiting child advocacy site, who was being advocated for by some Bring Me Hope volunteers.  They reviewed her file, but at the time it seemed that they had a lot of good excuses and reasons not to adopt again.   However, they could not stop thinking and praying about her.  Over the course of the next 5 months, every excuse that they could have had just seemed to be wiped away.  They finally locked her file on June 19th, which just so happened to be Father’s Day.  They have decided to name her Abby, which means my father’s delight.

During that 5 months time of thinking and praying about this adoption, there was some heartache involved, but it made them realize how short life is and that only the things we do for Christ will really matter.  They realize that they can’t save the world, but they can change the world for someone.  There is a song out that says, “He’s calling all hearts, calling all hands.” They know that everyone is not called to international adoption, but they feel that they have been.  They can’t wait to bring a second precious daughter home.  They would like to thank you for reading their story, for your support, and for your prayers!

4/12/17—TA RECVD
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