Matt and Sherry Fry fell in love in high school in 1988. They lost contact and were reunited in 2010, 22 years later through Facebook. They married in 2013 with Matt having two small sons and Sherry having two grown daughters. They have 5 grandchildren and one due in December. The latest addition to the family is Miss Nastiia, a Reece’s Rainbow sweetheart adopted in 2016. Nastiia is a true princess with a whole lot of sass!

After Nastiia came home, Sherry found a video of a darling older girl with cerebral palsy and was instantly drawn to her. Sherry would soon realize why: Sherry had lost twins in 2004. That same year, the child she saw in the video was born across the world, also as a twin!

Matt and Sherry knew that she was meant to be their daughter; this was God’s plan, not their own. They had a full house and honestly thought they were finished having children! After watching this same video over and over and leaving this decision in God’s hands, they quickly realized there would always be enough love for one more small Fry. They would love your prayers and support as they work to raise the money needed to bring their new daughter home to her forever family.


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The Fry family has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant.

Brandon and Jessica have been happily married for 13 years and reside in a small West Texas with their four sweet children Beckett (11), Blaire (9), Brooklynn (8), and Beau (3). They have always believed that adoption would be a part of their family story. Their family is very excited to have a new sibling and pray/talk about them on a daily basis.

The cost and process of international adoption can be intimidating but they know this is where God is calling their family and will provide.  If you feel called to support them in their adoption journey your prayers and donations would be greatly cherished! Thank you for your time, consideration, and prayers as they pursue their sweet child in China.


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Nick and Keely Cogan have always believed that adoption would be a part of their family story. They adopted their first child in 2011, bringing Karwen home from China. Her smiling face called to to them and they knew that she belonged with them.

Only months after coming home with Karwen, they knew that they were being led back to China. Sure enough, Kai (“Nick” on RR) and his little brother Kade joined the family in 2014. The Cogans thought that their family might be complete, but the Lord had other plans. Kassi came home in 2016 after a whirlwind process of just 12 weeks. The process had to be expedited because she would have aged out only three days after she met her new family.

At that point, it was clear to them that their family was still incomplete. Two teenage siblings came up – they urgently needed a host family. The Cogans felt like this was placed before them and were given the means to host S and V in the summer of 2018 and then again that winter. Although it has not always been easy, the family grew together and very soon realized that they all ‘fit’ just perfectly. S and V have expressed a strong wish to become Cogans, and the family is convinced that they belong together and are all working so hard to make that happen (even the little ones)! S and V both have urgent medical needs that are impossible to treat properly where they currently are, making it imperative for the Cogans to move forward as quickly as they can.

When the kiddos are back in their home country, everyone feels like the family has missing pieces and yearns for everyone to be together again, hoping and praying that the kids remain safe and healthy in a very hard situation until they can be home forever.

The Cogans believe that the Lord will provide everything necessary to finish this incredible journey, and so appreciate you joining them in speeding up this process to get their children home where they belong with the medical attention that they need. They thank you for any and all prayers and support that you can offer.


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Bodie and Krista Dowding first talked about adopting before they were even married. Both agreed that they would someday adopt.  Fast forward a few years and their house is a very chaotic joyous place full of three boys five and under. “I couldn’t shake this nudge that even though we had three young boys we were supposed to start looking into adoption,” Krista says, “ I didn’t think it would happen this fast!”

In November of 2018 Krista was talking on the phone when the friend asked if Bodie and Krista felt called to international adoption. Krista wasn’t sure at the time which road of adoption they would pursue. After learning about the lives of many aged out orphan girls in Romania, Bodie and Krista knew they had a heart for the girls in Eastern Europe but, unless they felt an overwhelming call to a certain country, they’d decided to go the cheaper route and adopt domestically. The friend encouraged Krista to check out a Blog called Ransom for Israel and Krista was immediately hooked.

Soon after, Krista clicked on a link to another site called Reeces Rainbow. As she scrolled through images of special needs children, one particular girl caught her attention. “During the next week I asked friends to pray for Bodie because I couldn’t get this little girl out of my head and I thought she might be the one. If she was, Bodie needed to feel called to adopt her as well. At this point, he really thought we should wait a few years to adopt.”

A week and a half after Krista first discovered this girl on Reeces Rainbow she went back to the site and her profile had changed. It now included “Blind in one eye.” Such a little change excited Krista because she’d talked to Bodie about how feeling particularly drawn to adopting a child with blindness or deafness. Bodie walked in from work that day and Krista playfully announced “I found our girl!” Bodie looked at the screen and then playfully responded back “ok! Write the check!”

He wasn’t kidding. No matter what the issues were that this girl was dealing with, both Bodie and Krista felt she was supposed to be a part of their family.  Within a couple weeks they’d committed to her.  Their little boys are eager to welcome a new sister and often ask “Can we go get Bailey today?” Time stands still for these brothers as the wait seems too long and the work to get her here continues day and night. They don’t realize that as soon as their parents say good night they begin more paperwork and scanning and printing and planning. So the work continues, one day at a time until she’s home.


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Tyler and Kylee Stef have been married for 11 years. Tyler serves as a fighter pilot in the Air Force and the family has been able to experience several areas of the country. Now their time in the Air Force is coming to an end and the Stefs will be putting down roots. Kylee has homeschooled five of their children, until a small Classical school opened up down the road from them, which four of the children now attend. Kylee is a stay at home mother, caring for the house and children.

When Tyler and Kylee were engaged, they talked about having a big family. “Wouldn’t it be great to have four kids?!” they would joke. After their fourth child was born, they thought their family was complete. However, it was after the tragic loss of their son that God started to plant the seeds of adoption. Their local pastor did a sermon on adoption as he and his wife adopted two children from the DRC. The Stefs felt a stirring and prayed about what God might have planned for them. Upon moving to a new location, the first family that Tyler and Kylee became friends with had a young daughter adopted from Thailand. Seeing this beautiful family brought adoption to life and they soon began their first adoption process.

The Stefs were made aware of waiting child lists and their hearts were drawn to these children. As they began the process of international adoption, they received a phone call from a local hospital that a baby had been born at 28 weeks and abandoned nearby. They needed a family to come hold him and asked if the Stefs would be interested. It was a crazy turn of events but God’s hand was clear as Tyler and Kylee officially adopted the premature infant three days later.

Four years later their hearts were drawn again to internationally waiting children and they began the process to adopt from China. This was just a month before China closed their doors to larger families. The Stefs were upset but spent more time in prayer to seek God’s direction. Months later they were made aware of the orphan hosting programs. Last summer they hosted two amazing sisters and during Christmas break they hosted a single boy, all from Ukraine. Tyler and Kylee learned about the great needs of orphans in Ukraine and felt called to adopt from Eastern Europe. One night, Kylee was praying for God to show her the child who would be theirs – Now Tyler, Kylee, and the rest of the kids are getting ready to welcome these special children into their family.


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Ross and Rachel were first introduced to international adoption, China specific, through Steven Curtis Chapman and his families’ journey of adoption. Ross and Rachel are both musicians and have always been inspired by Chapman and his music. What led them to their first consideration of international adoption was their struggle with infertility. At that time, they did not meet the adoption criteria so they continued to pray for the blessing of children. He answered, God blessed them with 2 wonderful children. Even as they had their first and second pregnancy, adoption was always something they desired to do.

Their son has Aspergers and Sensory Processing Disorder. They have had witnessed both trials and miracles through his disability. The valleys were tough, real tough…but the mountain views have been worth every moment of trial and hard work. Their son is now proactive and diligent in his academics making straight A’s, he is a respectful young man and has the kind of creativity one would only dream of having. Their daughter has the most beautiful pure heart of anyone they have ever known and has always friended the outcast due to her extreme passion for children with special needs. She has developed a new friendship with the little boy with trisomy 1 that Rachel babysat for 10 years through her high school/college years. With Ross and Rachel’s personal therapy experiences and with the heart of these two siblings, they thought it only appropriate to adopt a child with special needs. They are adopting Reeces Rainbow “Maura” who is 3 years old.

This family cannot wait to get their wildflower home! Due to all of her standing medical conditions, they are trying to set aside personal financial resources for post-adoption medical care while also fundraising and funding the adoption. They are looking forward to the day they hold her in their arms which is not too much longer away!


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Jon Hamilton has always had a huge heart for taking care of others. He takes pride in the ability he has to defend the defenseless and care for those in need. Since becoming an adult he has devoted his life to taking care of others. Jon joined the Marine Corps right after graduating high school so he could serve his country. After returning from his second deployment he met his wife Jessica. The two started a family and he decided the deployments were not as family friendly as they hoped. After fulfilling his commitment with the Marines he immediately began pursuing his career in the medical field. After obtaining his Associates degree as a paramedic he went on to obtain his certification as a firefighter. Jon currently serves his community now as a professional firefighter and paramedic.

Jessica Hamilton has only ever dreamed of taking care of others and being a mother. She attended college to pursue her nursing degree but put it on hold to stay home and care for her children. She was once told “there is no higher calling than that of a mother.” She feels that God has blessed her tremendously as a mother and her job is to be the best mother she can. She says that being a mother is a never ending, more fulfilling job than ever imaginable. Jessica devotes her life entirely to being the best mother she possibly can.

Jon and Jessica had always talked about adopting one day but never thought it would be possible due to the financial aspect. Their priorities are not going to change. Money doesn’t come first in our household. Unfortunately Jon’s career in doing for others doesn’t pay as well as other careers may pay. And Jessica staying home with their children is a huge priority and obviously doesn’t pay monetarily at all. Knowing that things were not going to change drastically enough for them to afford an adoption they decided to put their faith in God to make it all possible. The entire family prays nightly that God provides for this adoption.

Jon and Jessica both share the desire to have a large family. Being able to raise their children to be respectful, kind hearted, christ following is very important to them. Both are very open with their children and they are all very excited to be able to add to their family through adoption.
They describe adopting as “a crazy long and expensive process that no one could have ever prepared them for, and certainly one they don’t think is possible without their faith”. Their case worker sent them a file for a beautiful little girl with Down syndrome, who is 19 months old.  It was never about them wanting another child. It was about them wanting to share their love with another child, one that truly needed them. They hope to truly touch the life of others through Christ’s love. There are so many children out there who desperately need people to open their hearts and minds to special needs adoption. It shouldn’t be about what your child will be able to do for you but what you will able to do for your child.

They both feel the only obstacle for them will be the financial aspect. Jon and Jessica say how shocked they are already with how much support they have received from friends and some close family. Those who have given to their adoption so far, they know truly gave from the heart, certainly not just because they had the extra. It’s hard for them to ask for so much but they know it’s not really for them., it’s for their new daughter. They vow to spend the rest of their lives making sure she lives the happiest, most fulfilled life they can possibly give her. With what they lack financially to adopt, they make up for with love and determination. Both truly feel that where there’s a will, there’s a way. As long as they’re committed to do all they can, God will provide for them.


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Jacob and Jacqueline met in 2000 at a Spirituality Retreat in the Pocono’s. They had a traditional courtship and wrote letters for the first many months of dating. They were both clear that they wanted to have a family someday. Jacqueline was called to work with adults with developmental delays which she has been doing for over 23 years. Jacob is both an artist and an Activities Coordinator for an agency supporting adults with developmental delays.

Once it was clear that they were ready to start a family, Jacqueline knew in her heart that she was meant to be a stay at home mother. They didn’t know how they would be able to do that as they depended on 2 incomes just to get by. They decided to pray about it. A prayer that has seen them through so many times.

“Dear God, Show me Your will, Give me direction, and please make it obvious!” They prayed that prayer and literally the next work day, Jacqueline noticed her co-worker looked really sad. Jacqueline asked if there was any way she could help. Her co-worker replied with her head in her hand, “Only if you have a place in your home for my client to sleep tonight for an emergency placement!” Jacqueline knew at that moment that was something she could offer. She called Jacob and he agreed. That was 12 years ago. What was going to be one overnight turned into a lasting, meant to be situation. It is considered adult foster care here in Vermont. The tax free stipend allowed Jacqueline to work from home by supporting a lovely woman with a developmental delay, while also being a stay at home mom.

When their first child was born they found out that he had a rare medical condition. They did everything they could to offer their child all the care he needed. It was a very challenging beginning. Their faith in God carried them through. Though they had a 50/50 chance of passing this gene on with another pregnancy, they loved parenting so much and truly felt called to have another baby. This time, a baby girl. Their children are now 8 and 10 years old and are best friends. Jacqueline homeschools the children and they have welcomed another woman with developmental delay into their home 6 years ago. Supporting and volunteering with Special Olympics is a big part of this families activities.

The support group they are involved with posted a child who needed to be adopted. Jacqueline showed Jacob, and the next morning Jacqueline called the listing adoption agency. They are now officially matched with Luke. Everything seems to be moving at lightning speed. Luke turns 13 this February. The family is working very hard every day to prepare for welcoming a new child to their family.


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Luke has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant.

Susan knew that one day she would build her family through adoption after watching a 20/20 episode on an orphanage in Romania back when was she was 11 years old. Susan grew up with a sister that is 13 years older than her and always longed to have a large family. Grant was raised in a larger family and knew that he wanted a large family of his own. Susan shared her passion for adoption when she first started dating Grant. When Grant and Susan got married they came into the relationship with two biological children each making them a blended family.

They have now been through the international adoption process twice. Their first adoption was their son Soo Min who was adopted from South Korea in 2008 when he was 3 ½ years old. Soo Min has a form of primordial dwarfism, failure to thrive, and PDA. He is doing amazingly well, thriving, and bringing our family so much joy. Grant and Susan started their last adoption in 2014 with hopes to bring home their daughter, Eden, from Ghana. They traveled there, had her in their care for two weeks and even passed court. What they did not know was that everything was falsified information and she was never legally adoptable. To say they were all heartbroken was an understatement. One month after losing Eden, Susan became pregnant with their son Hudson. It is amazing the way God works.

This decision to adopt again wasn’t taken lightly. The decision this time around had many things to consider and time needing to heal from the failed adoption in 2015. Knowing and understanding the permanence of adoption is why the last time was so painful: Eden is still somewhat part of the family, and the reason the Lee children always say there’s eight children in the family. The Lee family started to pray about adoption again and researched programs that have a long history of success. This is what led them to Asia this time. Susan would lay in bed for hours scrolling through Reese’s rainbow looking at children waiting to be adopted. When Susan saw Alisa, she knew she was her daughter. She went back and forth between many kids and something was calling the Lee family to Alisa. They have a current Home-Study, have submitted their I-800A, and are compiling their dossier paperwork.


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The Hamlet family had a baby girl named Saraiah in 2010 with Down syndrome and multiple heart defects. She was not given a long life expectancy. After hours of praying and talking to doctors, they were told their daughter did not have a chance at life and they should wait for her to pass away peacefully within a couple of days. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. The doctors were amazed at her prognosis, and she continued to rally. They almost lost her a few times in the first year of life, but each time a miracle took place and she recovered. After age 3 doctors said she could live well into her 20’s or 30’s with how well she was doing. They had never seen a child with her condition live past a few days old without surgery. In 2018, at the age of 8 she passed away in her sleep. Shortly after, the Hamlets felt that God impressed upon them to adopt a baby with Down syndrome. Veronica, had followed Reeces Rainbow for some time, eagerly praying for her husband to commit to adoption. After a silent prayer, Veronicas husband called, expressing his desire to adopt a child with DS. It was in this moment they both felt sure of the calling that God had placed on their life. They have sought the adoption of a baby girl from Eastern Europe with Down Syndrome. Their entire family (3 kids) are excited to bring their baby sister home. Please pray for them as they patiently wait to submit their dossier.


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Tim and Julie Whitten have been married for 17 years and have been blessed with three beautiful children, Mason (12), Molly (8) and Pedro (4). Tim has worked in ministry for several years and most recently works for the South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church as a Hurricane Recovery Director helping families impacted by Hurricane Florence rebuild their homes. Julie has owned a graphic design and promotional company for almost 20 years. Her job provides flexibility to work from home and set her own hours, which allows her the ability to stay home with their children. Through her job, she can also use her artistic talents and creativity. Both Julie and Tim enjoy art, Julie enjoys painting while Tim is an accomplished potter.

The Whitten family has always had a heart for missions. By giving their lives and hearts to God, He has opened their eyes to the needs in the world and helped them move out of their comfort zone. Through this, Pedro was brought into their lives when he was 6 months old, during a mission trip to Haiti. Pedro has significant special needs and the Whittens have repeatedly watched God step into their lives meeting challenge after challenge. Pedro is well loved, enjoys life and the entire family has grown in their faith exponentially.

When the Whittens look into the precious face of Chrissie, and each of the orphaned children, they remember that God tells us not to let the world pollute our thoughts, but to remain focused on God and what He commands us to do, especially to care for orphans and widows. They find strength in the knowledge that Jesus would not be sitting on the couch, but instead be in the orphanage holding those children, His children, who do not have a person to claim them as their own. The Whittens have been blessed with two biological children and claimed one child as their own through adoption. They have experienced first hand the love of God with each child and realize that He lives and loves in the hard times. They welcome and embrace each challenge as it allows them to experience God more.


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Chrissie has received a $2,000 Grant!

Meet the Romero Family! Omar and Trisha met in 2008 and began dating that Fall. Together they enjoyed running/exercising, traveling, dancing and doing local wine tastings. In 2012, they got married, and were blessed to quickly start a family. They live in the Midwest with their 3 biological sons – Mateo (6), Luca (4) and Cruz (1). They also have 3 small dogs (Italian Greyhounds).

During Cruz’s pregnancy, they did a blood test to find out his gender but ended up finding out a lot more. They found out that he was very likely to have Down syndrome. The news was very tough and quite devastating initially since they didn’t know anything about Down syndrome and what that would mean for their son. After allowing themselves to cry and mourn the loss of the child they had thought they were having, they wiped away their tears and committed to be the best parents that they could be to their son. They spent the rest of the pregnancy learning about Down syndrome, making connections with other families that had children with Down syndrome and preparing for his arrival. The moment that Cruz was born was unforgettable to them and they realized that he was exactly what they needed the whole time. Cruz is cherished very much by the whole family and has taught everyone so much already about acceptance and faith!

After having Cruz, Omar and Trisha learned that many children like him end up without a family just because they have Down syndrome. They began discussing the idea of international adoption, looking at some of the children that were waiting, and knew that someday when the time was right that they would bring home a child with Down syndrome and provide them with a family, a home and most importantly LOVE!

In mid-November, Trisha came across a beautiful baby girl in Eastern Europe and without hesitation knew she was meant for their family. The Romeros are thrilled to be on this journey to bring home a daughter that will be loved and cherished by all! They know the international adoption road is long and costly and they would be so appreciative and grateful for any support!


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Hello we are Kurt and Cyndi Petrich. We have been married four years. We have 5 beautiful children, four biological children and one that God placed in our hearts 2 years ago. We were both widowed late in life. The Lord brought us together when we both said, “yes” to a mission trip to serve special needs orphans in Eastern Europe. We met on the mission field. We fell in love with each other and the precious forgotten children. We came home from our missions’ trip, were married and have been serving these children ever since.

While on an extended missions’ trip we met a beautiful brown eyed little girl, who stole our hearts. God placed our sweet Dasha in our family in 2018. Upon our arrival home, our daughter started to pray every night in her native language, “Praise God, My God, please bring my best friend home.” Night after night she would pray the same prayer over and over again. We knew immediately God was calling us to grow our family once again. During this time, we learned about a sibling to this child. We were thrilled to find both girls on the Reece’s Rainbow list of available children. We prayed again fervently. Once again, God lead us to say, “Yes” to both children.”

Dasha has been home for over a year and the transformation we have witnessed has been nothing short of a miracle. She is loved and knows how to love. She wants her best friend and sister to become her own sisters and experience the love of a family. We wholeheartedly believe God’s Word that says, Psalm 68: 5-6 “God sets the lonely in families.”

We openly admit and profess adoption has deepened our faith and understanding of God’s deep love and affection for his children. We watched God do the miraculous during the journey of adoption with Dasha. He showed us again, again He is faithful. Our prayer is hearts would be moved to help us bring these girls home. Hebrews 10:23, “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for HE who promised is faithful.


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Hi! We are the Garrett Family! First & foremost, we are Christians & we love Jesus! We have 6 beautiful children – 4 biological, and 2 through adoption via foster care. My husband Gordon & I (Heidi) have been married for 11 years. My husband served in the military for almost 7 years & now works as a nurse in the ER. I stay home with our children!

Recently, we started the process to start renewing Foster Care license in order to take in another foster placement. But, during the process, God clearly began intervening. In the past few months, we have been in 2 car accidents, our AC unit died, paperwork has been filed on incorrect forms, fingerprint cards have been lost. You name it.

A while ago, I ran across the pictures of “Kristen” on Reeces Rainbow. She grabbed my heart. But, at the time, I knew my husband wasn’t feeling ready to adopt a child with significant special needs. So, I didn’t mention her to my husband. But very recently, my sister-in-law mentioned that a member of her family is going to be adopting from the Eastern Europe. And, well, that just so happens to be where this sweet little girl is from too! I felt the need to go back to her picture & felt very strongly God saying “This is your daughter”. It was unexplainable.

I texted my husband her photo & asked if he thought perhaps God had slowed us down with foster care in order for us to go get her. To my surprise, he said, “Babe, if you want to adopt a beautiful little girl from the Eastern Europe, then let’s do it!”

So, here we are! We have no idea where the money will come from but we are trusting the Lord.


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