Alive and Well with Jesus


These are the precious angels whom we have “lost” in our journey to save others.   We miss them, but celebrate their new eternal lives in Heaven.   They inspire each of us, and help us understand the true sense of urgency of our mission.  We pray they will watch over this ministry, and guide us through the coming years to save as many others as we can.

It doesn’t have to be this way…..every penny you give to sponsor a child’s adoption grant brings an adoptive family ever closer to bringing that child home, to a loving family, proper medical care, and LIFE.

Please consider sponsoring one of our waiting children with Down syndrome.



A Tribute to Our Precious Orchid

 Mali was given to us for six months.  For that time period, we were honored to intervene on her behalf and pray her into the arms of our Savior!  We never held her on this Earth, but we know her beautiful smile not only blessed our hearts, but touched many hearts around the world!  The paperwork may not have officially said she was ours, but in our hearts she will always be a member of our family!

Jesus has a rocking chair,

 and He holds that precious baby with oh such tender care,

He takes the place of mom and dad

He’s the greatest parent a child could have,

don’t worry about the children there,

Jesus has a rocking chair.

There are those who have a boy or girl, a precious gift from God,

but sickness or some tragedy takes them from their parents arms,

Mama’s wish for days gone by,

Daddy’s long for their lost child,

but children are not lost when you know where they are.

 (Jesus Has a Rocking Chair – The Greenes)

 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.  Matthew 19:14 (KJV)

We love you sweet Mali Grace!  Rest in the arms of Jesus!

Mommy, Daddy, your brother, and your sisters

  A tribute to Dasha 12-25-03 to 1-31-07 In some people’s eyes, you really weren’t ours In our eyes, you were our child. I am not the same as before you. I love you and think of you, just as a mother would If they could only see into my heart, they would know you are with us always TO US YOU WILL ALWAYS EXIST To us you will exist in the flowers in the trees and all things God has given us. You are the warm caress of God’s sun An angel whispering in the wind A heavenly summer shower The colors in a rainbow You are now safe in the Shepherd’s arms A halo upon your golden head Butterflies dance about you In fields of Daffodils And skies of blue Rest In Peace my love, Mommy & Daddy