HallieGirl, born August 2004Hallie 2
Cerebral palsy

Hallie was quiet and shy when our staff met her on a trip, but she is reported to generally be outgoing. A kind, caring girl, she likes to be a big sister and take care of the younger children; if one of them is crying she will wipe their nose and rock them in a rocking chair. She is diagnosed with cerebral palsy that currently seems to affect her legs and left side. When she came to the orphanage six years ago, she wasn’t able to speak or crawl, but the orphanage has focused on getting her rehabilitation treatment, and she has made big improvements! She now talks and seems to have appropriate speech skills for her age. Though she can crawl, she mainly gets around in a wheelchair. She is able to care for herself in many aspects, feeding herself and using the restroom without assistance. Our staff saw that she is able to name colors and count, though she hasn’t received formal schooling. She enjoys playing games and watching cartoons.

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