photo fwbutton150.pngAlexandre (2)Robinson AThe Robinson family began their adoption family almost four years ago. While going through the heartbreak of infertility and miscarriages, they started to think perhaps they were meant to add to their family in a different way. Surprisingly, after reaching out to several adoption agencies, they learned they were expecting a daughter. Then, very shortly after her birth, (as these things sometimes seem to happen), they learned a son was on his way. Several months later, Mike (active duty Army) received orders to Germany. Not forgetting the plight of orphans around the world, adoption still weighed very heavy on their hearts and they assumed they would continue on the process when they returned stateside in several years.

As often happens, their ‘plan’ was not the one in action and Alexandria received an e-mail from a stateside agency that they had spoken with years before – completely out of the blue. It had a picture of a beautiful little boy and she knew with the same certainty that she did when she saw their biological son after his birth, that this was their son as well. After many a “can we do this” discussion, they decided to take on an international adoption while living overseas themselves. Several weeks later, intent was submitted to his country and accepted.

Alexandria, though licensed as a nurse, stays home with the children while they are so young and has recently joined the ranks of a homeschooling mom (a title she never thought she’d have, but once again, “plans” change!). Mike is a Warrant Officer with the US Army and thoroughly enjoys his career. Once home, their son will join two sisters and a brother. They hope to travel for the first trip later this year and have him home by the beginning of next year. This process is surely a test in fortitude and patience but they know this sweet boy’s life will be forever blessed by a family to tuck him in at night, comfort him when he cries, and have the medical care he desperately needs (he has a diagnosis of osteogenesis imperfecta) to have a healthy and fulfilling life.

5/12/216—FINAL TRIP MAY 28

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