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NADIA and NANCY for the Collier family — NC

 photo fwbutton150.pngMarc and Becky Collier began a relationship in the summer of 2003 and were married in August of 2005. God gave them two beautiful little boys, one in 2008 and one in 2010. After the birth of their youngest, they were sure they were done having biological children, but they were also sure that God had more children in store for them.

From an early age, both Marc and Becky understood the importance of God’s call to care for orphans in James 1:27, and they both wanted to be used of God to reach out and care for orphans. They just weren’t sure how that would look.

Throughout the year of 2013, both Marc and Becky, through studying God’s word, praying, and receiving Christian counsel, felt as though God was bringing them nearer to the world of adoption, but they had so many unanswered questions. How would this fit into their world financially? How would this affect their two boys, one of whom has his own set of special needs? Should they adopt internationally or domestically? Two things they knew for sure: they would NEVER adopt special needs, and they would NEVER disrupt their children’s birth order.

Ha, ha.

God placed two families into their lives who were starting the adoption process near the end of 2013. One family adopted a girl domestically; the other family planned to adopt two boys internationally. When shown the two situations, God immediately drew Marc and Becky to the pictures and the stories of the chilren who were wasting away in institutions, who were born into countries that chose not to see the beauty and importance in all human life. And it was apparent to them both that God was softening their hearts towards international adoption.

Early in January of 2014, their friends posted a blog called “Perfect Timing.” On it were links to several other children that were in need of homes. All of them had special needs. Becky read the blog and clicked on the links. She went through them once, and said a prayer for each child, asking God to find them a family. When she was finished, she clicked on the last link for a second time. It led to a set of twin girls, born in August of 2007. And though she had just read their bio and seen their pictures, something happened the second time she looked at them.

Becky immediately sat down and wrote out a list entitled “Ten Reasons Why We Should Adopt Nadia and Nancy Now.” She hung it on the door for her husband to see when he came home from work. He read it, chuckled, and hung it on the fridge.

The next four months were a time of very difficult growth for both Marc and Becky as they realized that the note on the fridge meant more to each of them than they wanted to admit. They began discussing the possibility of adopting children with special needs who were, in fact, older than their boys. Several times they decided that the idea of adoption needed to be put on hold for one reason or another, but the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the words of scripture would weigh so heavily on their hearts that the idea would once again be brought out for discussion.

Finally, in May, God made it clear that it was time for them to step forward, and so in faith, they committed to adding two to their family.


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