photo fwbutton150.pngSilvie (2)Kelly and Bill met at a 4th of July celebration 3 years ago.  Mutual friends decided to play matchmaker and succeeded!  Bill asked Kelly out for coffee the next day and they spent the night talking about everything!  The coffee shop closed and they moved on to McDonald’s to finish off the night and the “rest is history!”  Kelly was quite the package deal bringing 7 children into the relationship; she knew Bill was “the one” when he jumped right in and became an instant part of the family!  They were married on May 04, 2013 and moved into their new house in June.  In July Kelly asked him if he was ready to start an adoption.  He didn’t say no (Lol) so she called and set up a homestudy for the beginning of August.  Rowen joined their family from Serbia on January 30, 2014!  Rowen has that extra special 47th chromosome and everyone fell instantly in love with him so they quickly decided that Eight Was Not Enough and they are heading to China to bring home Silvie as soon as possible!  Any help with fundraising is greatly appreciated since they so recently completed Rowen’s adoption.


$5,115.60 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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