Amosstickley-boys“Mom, we need to talk. I don’t know if it’s a thought that God keeps putting in my head or a thought that I keep putting in my head, but I think we should adopt a little boy.” “I don’t care which of you put it there, you need an eraser!” This was the conversation between my then 10 year old daughter and I in November 2009; a conversation that changed our lives forever. It was the springboard that flung us into the world of adoption! Within two weeks I went from being a single divorced mom of two biological daughters, to a committed adopting mom of a Russian son with Down Syndrome. Fourteen months of paperwork, praying, fundraising, paperwork, praying, 2 trips (5 weeks!) in Russia, and oh, paperwork and praying, my daughter and I brought home our little prince, Maxim Alexey. After a crazy journey, I was committed to a 5 year old little boy in China, but his file hadn’t been prepared because “he isn’t as smart as the other children so nobody will want him.” Well, that was all it took for me to know that he’s a Stickley! They said that it would take a year to get his file prepared and that I would be looking at almost 3 years for the adoption to be complete. Did they really think that was going to scare me off? I decided that not only is he not “unlovable,” he is worth the wait! Then, less than a month later, I was approached about adopting a little girl from China who was 13 and only had 5 months to be adopted. The timing was perfect in that I could adopt her while waiting for the little boy’s file to be compiled. Several agencies told me that it would be impossible to complete the adoption in the 4 month time-frame. Well, we proved them wrong! We have now had Ava Monet home for two months! God’s timing is perfect! While in China, I got to meet some of the wonderful orphanage workers from Ava’s orphanage. I told them that I advocate for families for these children and asked if they had any other children for whom they would like for me to try to find families. They said that they would give me a website, but then we just all stood around socializing for a long time. Next thing I knew, they introduced me to a seven year old little boy, and the power between us silenced the room! “Mom, we have to come back for him!” So, I am a blessed mom of two biological daughters (22 and 14), an adopted son from Russia (5), an adopted daughter from China (14), and I’ve just been approved to adopt BOTH little boys! Oh, did I mention that all 4 of my children from another mother have DS? Three of the four of them were listed on Reece’s Rainbow. So, adopting two little boys right on the heals of a previous adoption has caused me to reach beyond my financial comfort zone and step out in faith. Any help and support will be greatly appreciated and I pray that God multiplies it in return to all donors! Thank you!


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