photo fwbutton150.pngEvan March 2014 Christie and Raymundo met in June 2000 while they were both living in Hilton Head, SC. It was a chance meeting that changed their lives forever! Two people who probably would have passed each other on the street and not given it a second thought, were now on a path that neither would have predicted. Raymundo (Mundo) was born in Mexico and always had a passion for learning English and traveling to the United States. When the opportunity arose to come to the US, he seized it! The hardest part of the trip was leaving his family. However, they were (and still are) very supportive of his dreams and urged him to go. Christie is also from a loving family and, at the time had been moving around the country working for Marriott. Skip ahead almost 14 years later – Christie and Mundo have been married for 11 years and have biological daughter named Laura. Laura is 7 years old and in the 1st grade. Christie now works for the public school system in Savannah, GA as a special education teacher and Mundo works within the hospitality industry. They had been thinking of expanding their family for several years, but wanted to do it through adoption. They both felt that there were too many children who were already here in this world that needed a home and a mom and dad to call their own. They thought of fostering to adopt and made several attempts through the local social services, but it just wasn’t the right time or place. In September, Christie welcomed a new student into her classroom who had been recently adopted from Ukraine. After getting to know his family and learning about the conditions that children with disabilities face and the grim outlook for their future if not adopted, Christie felt the calling to find a child for she and Mundo. Upon finding Reece’s Rainbow and searching for children with Down Syndrome, Christie and Mundo found Evan! After much discussion, tears, and prayer, Christie and Mundo made that first step to bring Evan home to live with them. Their daughter, Laura, is beside herself with excitement and cannot wait to be a big sister! Every day she talks about the things that she is going to teach Evan to do. The Orta’s believe that they were led to Evan and that God is calling them to adopt this sweet boy into their family. Many fund-raisers have taken place with LOTS of support from friends, family, and the community! They have loved getting updates on his progress and seeing his pictures as he has grown the past several months. However, no update or picture could ever take the place of holding your child in your arms. They are anxiously waiting for the day when they can board the airplane to bring their son home.


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