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KITT and CARRIE ANN for the Davis family — LA

 photo fwbutton150.png40427101745 Kitt (1)40402200842 Carrie AnnAs the years passed and many miles between them both had married other people and lost touch.  In 1989 Denise’s husband Tim had passed away and a few years later while shopping once again they both crossed paths and fell back in love. With Gary being a single parent they raised 6 children who are now grown.  During the years the Davis Family mission in Ukraine and brought medical supplies to orphanages.

During 22 years of marriage the Davis Family  raised 4 children from Denise’s first marriage, two children from Gary’ first marriage and have 15 grandchildren they love.  Through years of infertility treatments, IVF, several miscarriages, the loss of twins Gary and Denise decided to adopt.  After studying adoption for 10 long years they decided on Ukraine. After visiting the many orphanages they knew in their hearts their children were waiting for them.

In May of 2001 they took a Leap of Faith and went independently to Ukraine.  They compiled all their own paperwork and visited the National Adoption Center in Kiev.

They traveled to Odessa where they met their precious Makayla. At that time Makayla could barely walk nor could she talk. Makayla is now 16 years old dances and does not shut up.   Makayla’s diagnoses are Beckweider Syndrome and NF1.

The Davis’s decided to return to Ukraine to adopt a child they met during a visit to an orphanage in Uzhgorod and they returned on May 2002 where they adopted their son Patrick.  Patrick weighted less than 8 pounds at age 2 years and Patrick now age 14 years weighing almost 100 pounds.  His diagnoses are Aspergers, Mild CP, Epilepsy and seizure disorders.  Both children are beautiful and loving children which the Davis’ thank the Lord daily for his blessings.

As time passed they met Andrea the founder of Reeces Rainbow and viewed her site over and over.  A few years later as much heart searching they decided to adopt a child Reeces Rainbow had listed. With their hearts for children with special needs they knew this was the organization to find their next child. As both their hearts lead them to travel to Bulgaria to adopt the most beautiful little girl curly headed, silly girl there was.  And they decided to named her Chrissie after a dear friend’ daughter Chrissie that passed.  And on May 2012 they brought home Chrissie from Bulgaria and their lives have never been the same.

With their hearts still in love with the many children in Bulgaria they returned to adopt Jake and Gennie in 2013. Both Gennie and Jake have cystic fibrosis and very malnourished.  Shortly after their arrival home their precious baby girl Gennie has passed from CF complications and her small heart had failed.  During this pass year their hearts have ached for their little daughter Gennie.  As her bed sits filled with dolls and teddy bears they knew it was now time to adopt another little girl.

With three precious little Angels in Heaven they have led us back to go back to Eastern Europe and decided to chose another little girl off of Reeces Rainbow. With their being over 147 million orphans in our world our Lord has guided our family to this little girl to bring home.  Please follow the Davis’s Adoption Blog and follow their journey in bringing home this precious little girl.

1/21/15—COURT IS FEB 2

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