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SHAWN and MURRAY for the Warren family — AZ

Shawn (4)Murray (3)warrenboysScott and Lisa grew up in the same small town and attended church together. They started dating in college and have been married for 16 years. They have 6 children; Noah – 15, Luke – 12, Jack – 10, Kaia – 9, Josiah – 8 and Asher – 4. Adoption has always been on Lisa’s heart. When their second son was born with complications, they were thrown into the world of parenting a child who had special needs. When they began their first adoption in 2005, their experiences with their son led them to pursue a child with special needs. They brought home their first and only daughter from China the following summer. Adopting their daughter changed their family in ways they couldn’t imagine. They felt so blessed to be her parents. In 2008, Lisa traveled to China a second time to bring their 4th son home. Over the next few years adoption continued to be on Lisa’s heart and specifically, HIV adoption. It was during the summer of 2013 that “Shawn” first caught her attention. He looked so much like their son Jack. When she sent his picture to Scott, he though it was their son! She watched “Shawn” and waited for him to find his family, but he continued to wait. She contacted RR on 8/8/13 and asked about him. Scott was still certain that their family of 8 was complete, so Lisa continued to pray for the Lord’s direction. She couldn’t seem to shake this little guy and thought about him daily. Over the next few months, the Lord began to work in both of their hearts. Little by little the doors opened and hearts were changed. Scott surprised Lisa on Valentine’s Day with a journal that said, “Let’s go!”. After a lot of prayer and seeking, Scott and Lisa both knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that “Shawn” was their son. This will be a journey of faith from start to finish as they bring Shawn home. Scott and Lisa are trusting the Lord for his provision and direction every step of the way.

3/26/15—COURT IS APRIL 3

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