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BRANDY and BRIELLE for the Casebier family –

 photo fwbutton150.pngBrandyBrielleGary and Terri have been married for 12 years and have 4 children through adoption. When they had started the Ch*na adoption process in 2006 for their first child, they had planned on receiving a referral for a little girl and wanted to adopt many more as well. When the Ch*na non-special needs line slowed down, they stayed steady since their agency did not have a special needs program in Ch*na. They decided to adopt other children while they waited for their little girl. They ended up bringing home a surprise referral of a little girl from Russ*a with cl/cp and then a few years later, two more through embryo adoption from the US before their referral in Ch*na finally came in the Spring of 2012 as a little boy instead of the girl they had planned.

They were thrilled with him and thought that they were finished, but as they continued to watch other friends bring home their little girls, they realized that they were not done. The little girl they had planned on HADN’T come home!

So in early 2013, they started the process again to find their daughter. They wanted not one but two, but finances lead them to think that they should just adopt one at a time. An older one, just under the age of their daughter from Russ*a would be the first. As they looked they encountered many girls available and they found it challenging to figure out which child would best fit their family, so that all of them could grow together in the best ways. So, they tried to wait for a referral from their agency.

In July, their agency did send them a referral. But for an almost two year old girl. Amazed by her, and the fact that her referral mirrored their surprise Russ*an daughters referral, they could not turn her down. So now, instead of one girl, they were going for the two they originally knew they were supposed to bring home. :)

Even before they could consider the financial issues, they still had to find their older daughter. The agency did not have any older children in their partnerships, so the family went back to the shared list to search her out. They came to RR in their search, but it wasn’t until an advocate explained Brandy’s needs more that they truly realized she would be a perfect fit!

Both girls would be shunned in Asia merely for their facial scars, and this is not the way anyone should live, let alone the innocent. There are so many families looking for the “perfect” child…or the child that looks perfect at least. This family wanted more. They wanted the child that was a perfect fit with personality, needs, and the whole package. As it is, both of these girls will be able to use the same doctors that their daughter from Russ*a already uses. There are lots of surgeries for both girls, therapy, and other things that the institutionalized children typically have to endure. But they will do it all together and get through each step as it comes.

They know that God has been in control of this entire process and know that He will see it through in His way. They are nearing the end of the very long journey so that these girls can have a forever family. Recently they found out that Brandy has been “latching on” to the people that come into the orphanage and calling them “Baba” or daddy. She so LONGS to be home, and this family longs to bring her home as quickly as possible. As they complete this journey, your prayers and help in any way are greatly appreciated.

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