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CHARLIE and LOLA for the Boyer — FL

30819163037On May 26, 2012 Dennis & Cindy committed to adopt a little girl named Adalyn. Adalyn had the same birth defect as 3 of their children. In December they traveled to meet Adalyn, while in country the threat of the ban was happening. On December 23 they returned home hoping to travel quickly back in Jan. since Adalyn needed surgery. Then the ban was made law the day before Adalyn`s 2nd birthday December 29. In February we found Adalyn did in fact have her surgery and was starting to gain a little weight, that was a blessing. In March they traveled to Washington with the parents of children with children still in Russia. Sadly nothing could be done. Still Praying and Believing for Adalyn they would move when God showed them other little ones that needed a home, however the door was not opened for another child yet. Until we saw a little brother and sister. We talked to two Moms who met these little ones. Three little ones in Brooksville have already come home from this same orphanage. Then on January 7, which is CHRISTmas in Russia we committed to adopting little Charlie and Lola. We had to work through a lot of emotions even after committing, that we are not abandoning Adalyn. Little Charlie is just 22 days younger than Adalyn and Lola is the same age Adalyn was when we started to adopt. Right after we made the decision to adopt these precious little ones I had my son put on Praise music and the song that came on God is Able. The very name we will give this little one. God had given me the names Sarah and Abraham in the beginning of our journey to adopt. Please pray for us as we start over again in adopting little Sarah Elizabeth and Abraham who will be called Abel, still have to pick out a middle name. They will be coming into a family of 8 children. Jennifer (Kevin) Westin,Trentin & Cindy Sue, Adam (Megan) Reese due in April, Andrew (Casey) Atlas, Aaron (Laura) Brandon due in march, Alex is on the mission field in Mexico right now and is based in Australia with YWAM, Austin is about to start apprenticeship under Steve Saint & his son Jesse , Addison seeking where God is leading him with music & Nora just returned from YWAM Australia , God is leading her to the Philippines next. Our home study update is almost done. This is moving very quickly and smoothly. Praying, Believing as the Hand of God leads us through this journey and He opens the orphanage Gates and provides for us to be able to bring our little ones home. We are incredibly blessed by the gift of two and still praying for the one. Blessings & so Grateful to everyone helping us. Dennis & Cindy

I have no greater joy than to hear my children walk in Truth. 3 John 4 My Prayer for all Our Children…………


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