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DANNY and WAYNE for the Anderson family — NM

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wayne 1Michael & Amber met in a choir class at the University of New Mexico Institute of Religion way back in 1998. They have been married just shy of 14 years. They have three bio children, Seth who is almost 13, Evie who is almost 10, and Gillian who just turned 4. They decided they would have a large family, probably six children, and then, when those children were grown, they would start a new wave of children through adoption. As it turned out, biology made that initial plan impossible. Instead of mourning, they moved up their adoption plans! They are certified foster & adoptive parents through their state, but were unable to secure a permanent placement.

They came to Reece’s Rainbow, not to seek international adoption, but because a friend posted a link on FB that spoke of a third friend’s adoption. The Anderson’s viewed international adoption as ‘something rich people did’ and didn’t plan for it to be part of their future. However, once Amber discovered Reece’s Rainbow, she began to research the terrible conditions in foreign orphanages and their hearts were softened that international adoption wasn’t for ‘someday’ when they had more money but that, as MLK said, “The time is always right to do what is right.”

They found their son, Danny, in a large Asian country. Sometimes orphanage conditions are better in his country, sometimes they’re not. But Danny has a special need, which means, no matter what, his future in his home country is grim. His personality is dynamic and fun and he’d be perfect in a large, crazy family like the Anderson’s. He deserves a chance based on his potential, not his ability to move, and the Andersons are so excited to be a part of his future. They hope to add a second child before travelling, but pick children based on just the right feeling and have not discovered their second child yet.

They believe that Frederick Douglass was so very right when he said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”, and they hope you will join with them on their journey to build strong children in the arms of their crazy, loud, togetherness seeking, wacky joke telling, hug giving, game playing, trip taking, knowledge seeking, and very, very loving family.


Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at

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