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THEODORE +1 for the Dailey family — AL

30922122939 TheodoreIf you remember Ben and Kathy after almost 33 years of marriage have two bio children and three of his brothers children they took in when his brother died and 9 grandchildren when they adopted Harrison. Well Ben and Kathy had only been home two months after adopting Harrison from Ukraine. Their adopted son had a best friend they were able to meet and the few times they were able to spend with him and their son they grew to love him. One day as they were leaving from a daily visit with Harrison, he and Theodore ran up and ask if we could adopt him also, they did not know what to say because their home study was only for one child, how to you respond to this? There were a few times that Theodore was able to sneak in and would spend time with Harrison and when the workers would come to get him, he and Harrison would grab hold of each other not wanting to be separated. The day the Dailey’s were able take Harrison from the facility it was with bitter sweet tears because these two young men held to each other knowing they may never see each other again.

Recently as they were praying about whether or not to try and adopt him, it was Harrison that God used to direct their decision, you he came and asked them if they could adopt Theodore so they could be brothers like twins. That was all the answer they needed so they are again two months home with Harrison and ready to go back for Theodore. They ask that you pray for them that they are able to raise the needed funds they will need to go and bring Harrison brother, Theodore, home.

10/17/14—COURT DATE

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