Chance Photo 7 Jun-2013Callie Photo 2 April 2014 - April 2014 cropFB_20150724_15_50_49_Saved_PictureIt’s only been 9 months since Angie and Jason brought their first daughter, Claudia, home after finding her on Reece’s Rainbow, but once again, they feel God calling them to abandon their plans, and to bring their son Chance home. Neither thought that they would be pursuing adoption again so soon after the first, but after seeking God’s will, and with the counsel of their close friends and family, they are ready to once again step out in faith.

Update, May 2014:  Angie and Jason have felt God calling them towards older children since shortly after starting the adoption of Chance, and they made the decision to add Callie to their ongoing adoption after praying and seeking the council of friends and family.

Callie is going to be their oldest child (by almost 6 years!) and Angie and Jason are actually just barely old enough to be able to adopt her. They have high hopes that she will be a great big sister to Claudia and Chance, and look forward to seeing her thrive in a loving family. The VanHalles would greatly appreciate your prayers, and can’t wait to see God in action this time around.

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