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TAVIN for the Anders family — VA

30818224927anders-tavinSteve and Chrystal met as bridesmaid and groomsman in a wedding 13 years ago. A short year and a half later they were married and stepping out on a lifelong journey together. Steve’s career brings him in close contact to at risk youth, everyday, and he sees firsthand the need for a strong, loving family structure that can provide a safe and secure environment for children to live. Chrystal is a stay-at-home mom, home schooling their oldest son, who just started kindergarten. She also serves on the board of directors for a non profit organization that raises money to build safe homes and care for orphans around the world.

While dating, they found out that both of them had a desire to adopt at some point in their lives. Five years later, as they tried unsuccessfully to start a family, they wondered if adoption would be a reality sooner, rather than later. God blessed them, however, with their first biological son, who is now 6. He is such a sweet and caring boy, and is a joy and blessing greater than they could have ever imagined! Three and a half years later they welcomed their second son, now almost 3. He is spunky, rambunctious, full of life, and makes every day an adventure. Through the years, each would express the continued desire to adopt “at some point”, but those conversations never developed into action. As they prayed about adding to their family again, they felt the Lord leading them towards adoption. They announced their decision to their families and friends, and began exploring the process and options for adoption. Chrystal came across Reece’s Rainbow early in their search, which started to stir the desire in their hearts to adopt a waiting child.

Fast forward through five months of prayer, research, hoping, and doubting (lots of doubting!), until one day when Chrystal came across Tavin’s profile. They couldn’t get him out of their minds. There was something in his eyes that captured their hearts. They knew they needed to do everything they could, to make him a part of their family, and they began their journey.

Adoption is like skydiving – totally worth it…but its hard to jump out of the plane! They have finally jumped. Will you help them land?

3/14/14—APPT 3/20

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at

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