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JEREMY and JAIS for the Speicher family — PA

30411125645 JeremyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADave and Kathy met in 2001. Both were single parents to 7 and 5 year olds. After two years of courtship they married and made an instant family of 6. They soon started the process to adopt each others children. One year later the papers were signed and they felt their family was complete. They worked on strengthening their blended family.

In 2007, the family was shocked to find they were expecting another child. In the spring of 2008 a little girl was born to the family that was truly the “tie that binds.” She was the bond between everyone. God blessed them! Little did they know, God had more plans for the Speichers. In August of 2011, their sixth child was born five weeks early. After the dust settled on his early entrance, the family was informed that their youngest bundle of joy had Down Syndrome. Though they desperately loved their youngest child, they didn’t know how to feel. So their newborn led the charge, and showed them that life was okay and that an extra chromosome was just different, not bad. The whole family was very happy and fulfilled. People often joked about them having”his-hers-ours, you just need a ‘theirs’ to complete the family.”

Through new local Down Syndrome contacts, the name Reece’s Rainbow would soon be discussed. Kathy searched their website to understand why so many people interested in it. She scrolled through the pictures and prayed for those children. Then she came to to a picture of a little boy. God brought her to her knees. There was a line from a popular worship song that kept echoing through her head; “break our hearts for what breaks Yours!” Kathy knew that was God telling her to go and do. She proposed the adoption to Dave. Dave is one to analyze and process ideas and so had to really be in prayer about adoption. Two months of prayer resulted in God revealing to Dave this was the right thing to do. So now as they work through the paperwork to bring home their 7th child, they ask that you pray for their journey. If you feel lead to help financially, the family would certainly be grateful!


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