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4 Siblings for the Herr family — PA

herrkidsGod is faithful, and His timing is perfect. Jim and Linda met each other in Bible college, a short two months before Linda graduated. They corresponded for two years while Jim finished his education. During this time, God was speaking to Jim about the blessing of children and allowing God to plan his family. Before proposing to Linda, Jim made sure that she was also willing to receive any children that God would give them. They married in 1985 and have been blessed with 9 sons (one being stillborn at 26 weeks) and 4 daughters ranging in age from 5-26. Three other pregnancies also ended in miscarriage. It seemed in those early years of marriage that Linda was either pregnant or nursing. The most common question they received after each birth was, “Are you done now?” Since it has now been 5 and a half years since their youngest child was born, people assume they are done. However, God has been impressing on them that He is not done. God has been burdening them to continue building their family through adoption. The thought of adoption has always been in their minds, but they never seriously thought it would be possible. They didn’t know any big families who adopted until recently. When some friends with 11 children adopted 2 more, they began to ask themselves if they could also qualify for adoption. They began reading blogs on Reece’s Rainbow and saw that there were many large families who adopted. With much prayer, they began the adoption journey. It is a journey of faith, but as they trust Him, God is proving that He is faithful. Please pray for Jim and Linda and their family as they welcome the children God has handpicked for them.


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