Hannah (2)Girl, born Dec 2006
Anal Atreisa (post surgery) / Bilateral MicrotiaHannah (1)

Hannah is a beautiful little girl who is 6 years old. She came into care when she was just a few days old. Hannah was born with anal atresia, and received corrective surgery in 2008. The surgery was successful, and she is now able to control her bowels with no problem.

Hannah also has bilateral microtia and is unable to hear. She uses some sign language, and will start school in September. Hannah is very active, and loves to play with the other kids. Her fine motor skills are excellent. She is a very “sensible” child, according to the nannies, and they seldom have to worry about her. Hannah loves to dance, and is good at imitating. We have a very recent video so you can see her. Hannah is a smart little girl, and will surely do her best in school. She needs a family…she is such a sweet little one, and will be such a wonderful daughter! Please consider this special little girl!

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