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ELLIETTE and HENRY for the Wetherington family — FL

 photo fwbutton150.pngElliette (1)Jason and Stephanie have been married for almost 14 years. They have been blessed with 5 incredible children: 9 year old Koah, 5 year old Abigail, 2 year old Max, 2 year old Ryder, and their son Isaac. They had always talked about adoption, but it wasn’t until they lost their 18 month old son, Isaac, to heaven last year that they decided to do something about it. Their son, Isaac, was born with many special needs including a very severe heart defect. Losing him was the hardest thing they have ever been through. He was such an incredible blessing to their family, and they loved every second of taking care of him. After they lost Isaac, they knew that they had enough love to bring another child into their family, but this time through adoption like they had always talked about. Because of the joy that Isaac brought to their family, they wanted to adopt a child with special needs. Last October, they brought home their two sons from Ukraine, Max and Ryder. Ryder was born with Down Syndrome and Max was born with a complex heart defect. The two boys have brought so much joy to their family, and God has truly created beauty through their pain. Shortly after returning home from adopting the boys, God began breaking Stephanie’s heart for the older children…those who had never been chosen… those who had been waiting so long for a family, but had been passed over time and time again. They saw Elliette’s profile on Reece’s Rainbow and fell in love with her. She was due to age out next year, at which point she would no longer be eligible to be adopted. Never would they have ever imagined that they would be bringing home a teenager. In fact, after returning home from Ukraine, Stephanie said that she would never, ever adopt an older child. Apparently, God must have found great humor in her statement. They are so excited and can’t wait to bring their daughter home to her family where she belongs. But, they know that they cannot do it without God’s help and your help. Thank you for helping make Elliette one less orphan!


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The Wetherington family currently has a $7000 match!  When their FSP reaches $16,001.28, they will receive an additional $7000!

$9074.03 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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