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AndrewBoy, born August 2003Andrew update

Listed: January 29, 2013

Andrew lives with a foster family since 2004, for his better development and he feels warm towards his family. His foster parents take good care of him, and he has become more and more active and bright. His vision problem which was resulted from albinism didn’t affect his daily life, his physical indexed are within normal range.

Andrew is a bright boy; sometimes he is shy in front of strangers, but he is joy for his parents at home. He often helps his mother do something within his power such as sweep the floor, wipe table, wash clothes etc. He is a good student at school, respect teachers, studies hard, help other classmates, has good word of mouth, often praised by teachers and classmates.

He is such a good boy, and we sincerely hope he could have a secure and happy family in which his parents love him very much.

Update 2014:  Andrew has mixed feelings about adoption. He would like to have his own forever family but his very best friend was recently placed in hers and he misses her … A LOT. He feels the emptiness in his own life that her adoption has left. When Andrew was asked how he felt about adoption, he immediately put his head down and sobbed, and sobbed and sobbed. His caregivers were able to explain the loss he feels about his dearest chum. Andrew shared with the team he would also like a chance to be adopted.

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