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TWO BOYS for the Johnson family — PA

JohnsonJohnson-2Jody Johnson is a single mother with three sons. In 2011, she committed to adopt Oksana from Russia. God intervened in miraculous ways to bring her to the other side of the world to meet the little girl for which she would promise to return. Five months later, she was ready to return to court when Russia halted all adoptions to U.S. families. While she has not given up on Oksana and hopes to return for her as soon as she is given the opportunity, she knows there are others whose needs must be met in the meantime. Christians are called by God to minister to orphans and through such ministering bring glory to God. Because they are specially drawn to orphans who are difficult to place due to special needs, the Johnsons hope to touch the lives of those who have little chance to find the love of Christ and a family. Though abandoned and broken in our sin, God, the Father, sent His Son to take the punishment we deserved, that we may become His children. He loves us when we are most unlovable and through our weakness, He shows His strength.

“Adoption is a real-life illustration of the gospel. It shows us how God transforms spiritual orphans into family members. He changes our names, identities, and families by His grace. Orphan care is acts of mercy that flow from the heart of one who has been changed by the gospel.” Tony Merida, “Orphanology”

The Johnsons know from experience that the road to adoption can be long and require great patience, but they are committed to the task and will follow as the Lord leads them. After inquiring with Oksana’s placing agency about other waiting children, Jody received and accepted a referral for a four year-old boy with some significant cognitive delays. About a week later, the agency mentioned an older boy, healthy, but difficult to place due to age. Having much experience with boys, she knew she needed to give this boy a home, too. To that end, now the adventure extends to another corner of Eastern Europe where God will make two special boys a part of their family. The Johnsons appreciate your prayers and would be happy to have you follow along with them as they blog their way through the process. Please pray that throughout this journey, God will open the hearts of those who may not know Him and cause them to want to know more about the Love that drives people to seek out and rescue orphan children the way that Jesus sought out and rescued us.

2/6/15—FINAL TRIP FEB 2015

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