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maryRob and Julia Nalle have been happily married for 24 years, and have two biological sons: 22-year-old Benjamin and 18-year-old Elijah. They brought home their first adopted son, Aaron, in 2010. That first adoption turned out to be as life-changing for Rob and Julia as it was for Aaron; for it opened their eyes to the suffering of institutionalized orphans all over the world. Aaron’s institution was the saddest place Rob and Julia had ever seen, filled with lovable boys who didn’t deserve what was happening to them. The Lost Boys of Aaron’s world had no stimulation of any kind. They wasted their days in gloomy sheds— doing nothing, seeing and hearing nothing, idly waiting for the next meal or snack time to arrive. The sight made Rob and Julia want to help more of them find homes. Since bringing Aaron home, they have done their best to raise awareness and funds for special needs orphans overseas.

Their second adoption came in 2014, when they added John to their family. Though Aaron and John came from different regions and different families, they had the same name (Ivan), similar diagnoses and similar stories of abandonment and loss. Fortunately, John’s institution was far better than Aaron’s. Even so, it was more proof that any orphanage is a hard place to grow up.

After much prayer and consideration, Rob and Julia are adopting again. A little girl has need of a family, and the family with four sons has need of a little sister.

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