ANGEL for the Job family — CA

Angel (1)The Job family currently reside in Northern California and are thrilled to be adopting for the first time. Gary and Sasha have been married for nearly seventeen years and have been blessed with four amazing children. Their youngest biological child, Zoey, was born with a congenital heart defect as well as an extra chromosome – she has Down syndrome! Zoey has shown the family not only how strong she is, quickly recovering from open heart surgery at three months old, but also that life with Down syndrome is beautiful. The joy she has brought to their world is contagious and the family knew that one day they would add to their family through adoption … and they knew one thing for sure, they wanted a child with Down syndrome!

In November Sasha saw “Angel” on Reece’s Rainbow. Immediately something grabbed her, she couldn’t look away from “Angel’s” photo. She read her bio and sat there, staring at her sweet little face on the computer screen … she knew she was this little one’s mama! Soon the entire family had fallen in love with her as well. It was becoming clear that they were definitely “Angel’s” family! The financial aspect of adoption being the only thing holding them back, but after much prayer they chose to step out in faith … confidently saying “yes” to this sweet girl!

“Angel” is four years old. She has a congenital heart defect as well as an extra chromosome (Down syndrome). She is perfect and so loved! The family signed with the agency “Angel” is listed with and submitted paperwork in December. They got the best Christmas gift imaginable, pre-approval to proceed in adopting this precious girl. Now officially on their adoption journey, they are doing everything they can to get to her as quickly as possible.

They hit the ground running and began fundraising immediately – and they continue to do so. Please keep this family continually in your prayers and if you feel led, please donate toward their adoption to bring “little sister” (as they now affectionately call her) home!

Update: The month of May was full of celebration!! The family had been talking about names from the start and there was one everyone agreed on: Ruby! So they happily shared that Ruby is the name they will give their girl! Sasha & Gary celebrated seventeen years of marriage, woohoo … and then they all celebrated being DTC (dossier sent)!!!

July 24 was a most magical day as they got the biggest news yet: LSC (letter of seeking confirmation, aka “LOA” – letter of approval) … they are officially approved to adopt their sweet girl!

With the travel expenses estimate they’ve been given, they are just about $5000 shy of being fully funded!!! They have come so far and are so appreciative of everyone who has donated and/or participated in fundraisers! Just a little more to go.


$5,613.75 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Angel has received a $162 Waiting Child Grant.