DEACON and PAULINE for the Newby family — NC

 photo fwbutton150.pngOur family was blessed with a miracle in 2014 when we learned after seventeen years of infertility we were expecting a baby. This little miracle would bring along an extra special combination of chromosomes aka Down syndrome. We couldn’t imagine the joy we had in store when he joined our family. Every milestone has been a celebration and we’ve learned to appreciate every moment.

When our family began to discuss adoption we knew we wanted to give a child with Down syndrome a home where they would know love and acceptance. We wanted to offer a home where they could thrive, grow, and know the love of a family.

After looking into the adoption process, we came across Reece’s Rainbow. After researching international adoption and learning the living conditions of children in orphanages our hearts were led to adopt via this route. We felt this was the way God was directing our path.

We are so excited to be welcoming a new child home! Our journey is set before us and we are ready for the joys and challenges.


$25,290.58 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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