LANA for the Rice family — MI

 photo fwbutton150.pngKathy lives in West Michigan, where she was born and raised. Kathy was introduced to adoption – especially international adoption, and Reece’s Rainbow, when her daughter decided to adopt a little girl with Down syndrome from Eastern Europe. Her daughter and granddaughter returned home in December 2015. While following her daughter’s adoption and the year since, Kathy has helped as many families as she could, financially and prayerfully. She has also advocated for many children in need of families. Reading story after story about the life altering effects of adoption – for the child and parents – has been an inspiration to her.

After reading about the conditions children who have aged out face, and knowing those children would never know the love of a family, she knew she needed to do more. For the last few months Kathy has been contemplating and praying on what more she could do to help these children. So she is excited to announce that she is going to bring ‘Lana’ home before she ages out and loses the chance to live happily ever after knowing the love and joy of having a family!

Kathy raised her daughter as a single parent and knows the struggles it involves and the additional work it requires, but she decided that now is a good time to adopt an older child who is also from the same country where her granddaughter is from. Like her granddaughter, Lana rocks that awesome extra chromosome!

Any prayers and support, financially or emotionally, are greatly appreciated during her adoption process!

1/4/18 — FINAL TRIP in MARCH
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$15,342.36 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Lana has received a $15,000 Older Child Grant.