A Child for the Bloom Family — AL

The Bloom family is heading back to adopt again, this time for one last extra special girl. This is an adoption built on miracles. Our family met her during a previous adoption. She was a lonely girl confined to a crib. Everyone thought she couldn’t be adopted. Everyone thought she had already aged out. Her health has been deteriorating quickly. Our family began making inquiries as to how we could care for her within her own country. We began talking about plans to move our family to her. Everyone thought she was ineligible for adoption. But we were wrong! It is not too late; she CAN be adopted. Her paperwork is being prepared now. This is just the beginning. Many more miracles are needed to get this special girl home where she can receive love and immediate medical care.

We have been racing through paperwork at record speeds. This is going to be a “hurry up and wait” process, where we rush as much as possible, then sit tight until her paperwork is finally completed. We are praying things move just as quickly on her end. She has waited in a crib for nearly 16 years, without hope. She has hope now. We are coming.


$17,613.49 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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