PEPPER and LIAM for the Marshall family — VA

pepper longgangWe are the Marshall Family! Billy and Laura met during high school and dated for about a month. Billy moved away for college and Laura chose a university close to home. A few years later they reconnected and the “rest is history”.

Billy and Laura will have been married eleven years in May. They have two daughters, Tessa Grace and Bella. The whole family is excited to welcome Pepper and Liam into their family! Billy and Laura began their adoption journey early in their marriage. After some research, they discovered they were too young for some countries and had not been married long enough for others. They became busy with jobs, children, and family life. The Marshall family was blessed to meet a little girl who happened to have Down Syndrome. As they got to know this precious child and her family, they learned about the difficult circumstances many orphans face when they have DS. Laura began to look at listings of children with DS. About 2 years ago, Laura came across Pepper’s file and knew she was her daughter. Billy was not so sure. After prayer and consideration the couple decided to wait. Laura prayed for this little girl to find a family (even if it wasn’t theirs) and thought about her often. Last summer Billy told Laura he was ready to commit to Pepper and they called the agency that very day. It was a joyous day when the Marshall family received pre-approval and shared the news with family and friends. The Marshall family went from being a family of 4 to 5!

The Marshall’s have been busy filling out forms, compiling papers and getting their house ready for Pepper. One day, shortly after the Marshall’s sent their Dossier, a family sent a cake to their little boy living in the same orphanage as Pepper. They posted a picture of the “cake Party” and off to the side was the sweetest little boy Laura and Billy had ever seen. It only took a minute for them to decide they wanted to find out it he had a family coming for him. After a couple weeks the Marshall’s were able to locate little Liam’s file and submit for him. Now the Marshall’s will be a family of 6! They never imagined a simple cake and picture could change their lives in such a wonderful way!

The Marshall’s are hard at work preparing for Pepper and Liam. It has take a great deal of hard work, sacrifice, and prayer to get this far in the process. The Marshall’s are so thankful for their family, friends, and special donors who have joined their team and are helping bring these precious children home.

6/28/17—HOPING to TRAVEL in JULY
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Pepper has received a $45 Waiting Child Grant.