JULIANA for the Karrick family — GA

 photo fwbutton150.pngJulianaSteve and Ginger Karrick have eight children soon to be nine. Five of their children are adopted from China. In 2009, they stared the process to adopt and eighteen months later brought home their first little one from China, Kimmie. Kimmie had unknown special needs, she has autism. It was quite the adjustment for her and the entire family. But God used this precious little one to change their hearts forever. Over the next seven years they brought home Libbie (2011), Opal (2012), and Mariella and Samuel last year. Once home several months with the two newest little ones they saw “Juliana” on Reece’s Rainbow and on an advocacy page stating she was going to be deemed unadoptable if no one came forward to adopt her. Their hearts broke for this previous little one. They began to pray for her. They have adopted several children with similar special needs, extreme developmental delays, being non-verbal and autism. They also feel extremely blessed to see each of their children blossom once home. The light in their eyes come on and begin to understand what love is. After much praying they realized that “Juliana” is their daughter. She is four years old and from Asia, she is also blessed with an extra chromosome. They are stepping out on faith and are excited to resume the journey once again to bring their daughter “Juliana” home.


Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at kingsandqueensadvocacy.blogspot.com

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Juliana has received a $120 Waiting Child Grant.