OWEN for the Miner family — AZ

Mark & Virginia Miner met at church as teenagers, fell in love, and married when Mark graduated from college. Virginia is a musician and artist at heart and an extraordinary mama for the kiddos. Mark works at the local university as an engineer & instructor, and is very thankful for flexible hours. God has given us four children: Ivan (b.2011) loves music, drawing, stories, and is excited for another brother; Gibbs (b.2013) loves to help out with dishes, yard work, and anything physically demanding or crazy; Ana (b.2002) came home to us from Bulgaria in 2015, and her smile and giggle have been a delight to us all; Evangeline (b.2016) is a jolly, crawly, little lady who loves to play with her brothers and sister. We are all excited to bring “Owen” home to our family and the blue skies of Arizona. We are thankful for our local church family and for all those people of God who are a blessing to orphans. Thank you for reading, and we appreciate your support!

6/24/17 — FINAL TRIP JUNE 30
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