LAURA for the Hadley family — AL

Laura Photo 3 Mar-2015AThe Hadley’s adoption journey is the culmination of a long awaited heart’s desire. Jon and Kari had discussed adopting or fostering multiple times. However, God was clear that the time was never right either through multiple military moves and deployments or Kari’s numerous (4) pregnancies. Then after the birth of their 4th son, Kari began to look for ways to use her love of running to help children in need. It was during the registration for the Walt Disney World Marathon that Kari found RODS (Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome). Kari has always had a heart and passion for children and adults with Down Syndrome and a longing to maybe one day adopt a special needs child. Partnering with RODS allowed Kari to use her running in advocacy and awareness for children that captured her heart. Kari was glad she was helping a child with Down Syndrome find a forever home. When Kari joined RODS, Laura was not the RODS Orphan. Shortly after joining RODS, Laura became the new RODS Orphan. Kari immediately felt a draw towards Laura but it was a few months before she really began to try to find out more about her. Kari soon began to feel that God was directing her toward Laura but did not know how Jon would feel about an international special needs adoption. Jon was certainly surprised when Kari suggested that they adopt Laura. Jon requested Kari get more information on the process and Laura and from there things just took off. Every question asked was answered in a way that led Jon and Kari to feel that this was what they were called to do. All the information they could find on Laura only confirmed for Kari that she was the daughter God was giving them. Kari and Jon are now trying to bring Laura home in record time to join her four anxiously awaiting brothers.


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