When Scott saw a post about hosting orphans he knew God wanted us to do it. I thought he was crazy, but I quickly got on board. In just 8 short weeks we were hosting 15 year old Lena for the summer. Before we even met her God confirmed that Scott and I would be adopting her and making her a permanent part of our family, so we filed the required paperwork the week before Lena came to America.  It was just in time; we had file it before she turned 16, and she celebrated her Sweet 16 after her second week with us! Part of this process required us to ask Lena if she wanted to be adopted, hearing her say yes was one of the greatest moments of my life. She has become our daughter, and seeing us together shows our mutual love in a way that shocked even me. We adore her…and we are so glad we listened to God’s calling.

This past week, as we are waiting for the approval from USCIS for Lena, an urgent call went out for parents to say yes to adopting a little boy with unspecified brain damage and congenital cataracts. His advocacy name is Oakley and we had seen his profile before, but we figured he would have parents committed in no time—just look at that smile! However, no one has come forward yet. We knew when seeing the new post that God was once again speaking and saying we were meant to be his parents.

Oakley is being transferred at the end of the year to an adult institution for people with special needs, and Oakley, this precious boy, is only four. The urgent post we received said he was not likely to survive in the institution if and when he was transferred there. Scott and I talked and prayed over the matter through the week, and then with God’s prompting committed to being Oakley’s parents. Our hearts are overjoyed! However, with this added joy comes an added expense which we are fundraising for in an attempt to make all of this that God has laid on our hearts possible.

The total for both adoptions is estimated to be $55,000; to this point we have spent $17,635. Next, we urgently need $15,400 which is needed for the team in country. The expenses up to this point do not include travel, lodging, and all of the other expenses we will incur with lost time at work and the variables that come with along with that and international travel.

We have three required trips to Eastern Europe as part of the adoption process. We firmly believe that God has asked, and God will provide. All of this is giving you a picture of the process we are going through, and because of the expenses we ask that you would please consider making a tax deductible donation to bring Lena and Oakley home. No amount is too small and we ask that you give what you are comfortable with knowing that it is truly changing lives.  Thank you so much for anything you can do, and may God bless you for caring.


$392.12 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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