WYATT for the Kingsley family — WI

From four to seven all in a year. Only God can move mountains like the Kingsleys have seen. Some would call it a miracle. The completion of their family has been a marathon and a sprint all wrapped into one.

Their endurance fueled by love will carry them to the finish line, and bringing home sweet Wyatt will be their reward.

Aaron and Gretchen recently completed the Eastern European adoption of two older teenage sisters, Maliyah (16) and Mira (15) after God led their family to the girls through an orphan hosting program. Maliyah and Mira joined Natalie (11) and Nolan (9) and made their family six.

But God wasn’t finished with them yet. Just when they thought His plan was complete, God showed them a sweet boy from the other side of the world that tugged on their heartstrings.

Growing up with a brother who had special needs and is now her angel, Gretchen knew there was something special about Wyatt when she saw his sweet face. It rang deep within her, the need to bring him home.

Gretchen had been praying for months that Aaron’s heart would open to Wyatt, but she kept her desires quiet. If it was God’s will, she knew he would do the hard work. On the evening before her birthday, Aaron saw Wyatt for the first time and insisted he should be a Kingsley. God delivered on a miracle that was previously presumed to be out of reach. But isn’t that what He does! He was paving the way for this beautiful family!

Building a longer table and not a higher fence was their motto, but were they taking on too much, they wondered. Were they capable of raising one more? Was a child with Down syndrome out of their league? After much praying, it became clear they were not equipped, but that God had indeed called them, and so with their faith, they knew He would equip them!

Weeks later, the family committed to Wyatt on his fifth birthday and have been on a sprint ever since. Filling their days researching, completing paperwork, visiting GiGi’s Playhouse, and meeting with families of children with Down syndrome has been their new normal…and they are loving it!

The Kingsley family feels so blessed to have seen Wyatt and is so grateful to Reece’s Rainbow. With the recently completed adoption of their oldest daughters, they understand they will have to get creative with their fundraising. Any support through prayers, words of encouragement, or financial contributions will never be overlooked or forgotten. The family is forever grateful for your support. Please help them bring Wyatt home!


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YIA for the Bartlett family — WI

Steve, a special education teacher, and Stacy, a science teacher, have always known they would grow their family through adoption. Since first starting the process to adopt from foster care in 2008, they have walked an adoption path that has turned out to be long and winding, hope-filled and heart-breaking, and, ultimately, one of surrender. After a recent, failed international adoption of a dearly loved and known daughter, Steve and Stacy began questioning how – wait things out, switch countries, adopt from foster care – or even if they could or should proceed – maybe their dream hadn’t been meant-to-be, afterall.

And then a series of seemingly random events led Stacy to see the photos and videos of a precious, adorable, funny, mischievous, and joyful little girl named Yia. Stacy’s heart melted and exploded at the same time.

Stacy gathered up the courage to discuss this unexpected adoption possibility with Steve and the boys, Kye (17) and Kade (14). ALL of them agreed that nothing about it made any sense: Yia was from a country that would require them to switch agencies, countries, and start back at square one with their paperwork, Yia had a lot of medical unknowns (though they love that she is a heart warrior just like their son, Kye), Yia was younger than they had considered, and, financially, their failed adoption left them completely unprepared to pursue her adoption. And yet, they have decided to step out in faith because it is clear, beyond a shadow of doubt, that Yia is their daughter. They are believing and trusting that Yia has been the plan all along, and, so far, each step of this new journey has confirmed that.

The Bartletts are excited, scared, hopeful, cautious, optimistic, anxious, but most of all certain that Yia is their sister and child. They would be forever grateful for your support as they run to bring Yia home!

Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. Proverbs 3:5


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Yia has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant & an Older Child Grant of $1,102.65.

A Girl for the Hoppe family — WI

Kelly and Chad live in Madison, WI, with their 2 year old daughter, who is living with significant special needs. Chad works as a rural carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, and Kelly is a stay at home parent. They’ve been together 3 years, and married for 2.

Early in their relationship, they knew that adoption would someday become a part of their family story. At 21, Kelly was diagnosed with a medical condition that often leads to infertility. That following summer, she spent a month volunteering in Russia, where she witnessed firsthand the needs of children around the world who are waiting for forever families. Afterward, she knew that she wanted to adopt internationally someday. In 2016, Chad and Kelly’s daughter came as a huge surprise to them! While they briefly considered fertility treatments after not being able to conceive a second child, they decided to instead pursue their dream of international adoption.

One night, while looking through their agency’s waiting child listing, Kelly came across a 2 year old girl from Eastern Europe who intrigued her. After receiving her file, Kelly and Chad couldn’t stop looking at her photos and videos. This precious girl has so much life and determination in her, in spite of her numerous challenges. Many of her needs are similar to their daughter’s, so they knew that they would be well equipped to care for her.

They have stepped out in faith to commit to this child, knowing that they will have to rely on God to bring them the financial resources that will be necessary to bring her home. They greatly appreciate your prayerful consideration of a tax-deductible donation to their fund. Your prayers, thoughts, and support are appreciated as they continue their adoption journey.

4/5/2019 — TRAVELING in MAY

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RUBY for the Rosplochowski family — WI

The Rosplochowski family has their heart set on a little girl in Asia. Mike and Amy live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and have two children, Owen is eleven years old and Brynn is seven years old. This little girl, who they are calling Ruby for now, happened to be advocated by several people looking to find her a family and needed medical care. Amy is involved in the craniofacial community because Brynn has a craniofacial syndrome and craniosynostosis, CFND. Several moms had noted how much Ruby looked like their daughters who also have CFND. Amy, Mike and the kids discussed adopting her right when they saw her photo and heard her story, but then they learned of how much international adoption costs and weren’t sure they could do it.

They discussed adoption on and off for the next year. Ruby was again being advocated for by several people. Amy began discussing international adoption with several people who had adopted before. They explained that raising the money to adopt is possible with a lot of hard work, persistence and faith. So at the beginning of 2018 the family decided to jump right into this crazy international adoption process to bring Ruby into their home.

Amy and Mike are very devoted to their kids and will be just as devoted to Ruby. They will teach her to love herself and her culture and help her stay connected to her cultural roots. They will find her the best medical care to help her grow up healthy and happy. They will advocate for her well-being, always.

Ruby is already very loved by her family and the community around her that is working hard to bring her home. They can’t wait to learn about all of the things she loves and encourage her to follow her dreams. They already know that Ruby loves to play outside from the short profile they have seen. At her new home she will have a large backyard with a playset, swimming pool, sand box and garden. They know she loves mandarin oranges which is also Owen and Brynn’s favorite fruit so they plan to buy oranges in bulk when she arrives! They learned that Ruby loves to play with stuffed animals and Brynn has her set with a room filled with tons of stuffed animals. In the winter, they can’t wait to have her try sledding and ice skating! Owen is a great ice skater and plays hockey so he is ready to teach her everything she needs to know about winter sports. Brynn wants for her to take dance classes and has been saving all of her own tutu’s and dance shoes for Ruby to use when she gets here.

The Rosplochowski’s are so excited to welcome Ruby into their home and family. They are so very thankful for everyone who has supported their family during this journey!


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