VIJAY and ATHENS for the Pohl family — SD



Jenny and Randall met online 21 years ago, in the olden days, when the Internet was in it’s infancy. The only problem – Randall was in the US, and Jenny was in England. They didn’t let that stop them, though – they got married a year later (in England), and Jenny moved across the ocean to South Dakota. They have one son, 14 year old Nathaniel – also known as Newt – a soccer loving teen who was born just before his mom turned 40.

As a child, Randall’s family moved around quite a lot, as his dad was in the military. Jenny’s family stayed in one place. Randall has worked for the same company for 35 years. Jenny has worked for over 30 years with disabled children, in many settings, including residential schools, a summer camp, as a nanny,and as a daycare provider. She is currently employed as a personal education assistant in an elementary school.

After discovering Reece’s Rainbow about 7 years ago, Jenny has done her best to advocate for and help fundraise for the children and adoptive families. About 4 years ago she became a “Guardian Angel” for Sealey, pledging to raise his adoption grant and try to find his family. One year she was his “Angel Tree” warrior. While advocating for him, it did cross her mind that she could be his mom, but a conversation with Randall several years prior led her to believe that adoption was not to be for their family.


This summer, Randall, too, started advocating for Sealey, believing that there was a family out there for him somewhere. Then, one day, out of the blue, he said the magic words – “what if WE adopted him”? He was still hesitant, and wanted to wait a while longer, to see if another, younger family stepped forward. However, about a month later, he realized that Sealey shouldn’t have to wait any longer, and that HIS was the family Sealey needed.

However, just as they received USCIS approval to adopt, the unthinkable happened – word came from across the ocean that Sealey had passed away.  Despite being heartbroken, Randall and Jenny knew that they had to carry on, and choose another child.

Once child stood out to them,  and they are excited to now bring Vijay home – Sealey will forever be the son of their hearts,  and thanks to him, Vijay will also soon be a beloved son and brother.

7/31/2018 — COURT DATE AUG 13
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