Hi! My name is Holly and I would like to introduce you to a crazy family… Mine.

I have an 11 year old son named Jakob and for a while it was he and I against the world. Then in 2014 Jake and I married Ronnie. He tripped me in Walmart, and I fell for him. Literally. Together the 3 of us built a beautiful little family. In 2015 we added Genesis to our family, and in 2017 God gave us our two boys.

We had been introduced to Reece’s Rainbow and international special needs adoption a year-ish before when our church participated in a fundraiser to help a local family to bring home a waiting child from Reece’s Rainbow. Around the same time another Reece’s Rainbow child had gone viral for their amazing transformation since being brought home. I would scroll through the photo’s of the children, share the fundraisers for the families, and pray for all. I never thought we would be one of the families! But then it happened. One day I was scrolling through the photos and I saw a face. I felt it in my whole being that she was part of our family and we jumped in heart first!

We had no idea what we were doing, and there were many hiccups along the way! We kept pushing forward though. Then in April 2018 we found out that the child we absolutely loved had passed away. My heart was shattered. Since we were in an incredible custody battle for the two boys we decided not to continue with the adoption at that time. We needed to focus on keeping the boys safe.

Then in October 2019 it happened again.  I was scrolling through Reece’s Rainbow’s Facebook page and I saw a little boy who looked so much like my 4 year old that my heart just stopped. We had just purchased our new home days before. We were in a new state, new house, starting a new chapter of our lives. I showed his picture to Ronnie expecting that he was going to talk some sense into me. Instead he tells me “we actually have room for two”. So much for being talked off the ledge!

Ronnie works for the public school system with developmentally disabled children. I work for a nonprofit organization as a Direct Support Professional in residential group homes. We are NOT wealthy people by any means. But what we lack in dollars we make up for with love. God has brought us to this, and I know he will provide for us to be able to bring our children home.

Please keep our family in your prayers as we work endless hours of overtime, fundraise, and try to navigate the international adoption process.

6/23/2020 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

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Danny and Rachel Suero have been married for 8 years and have 3 biological children. They always wanted to adopt and have cared about orphans and adoption advocacy for many years. They strongly hoped to grow their family through adoption, but thought it would be at least a few years away. Everything changed one day in February when Rachel decided to visit the Reece’s Rainbow site as she had often done for years. This time was different because staring back from the computer screen was little Amelie. She experienced an instant gut feeling that this was her child. She decided to pray about it, but once she shared the information with Danny, he was completely on board as well! He agreed that they should ask for more information and try to adopt this beautiful little girl.

The Sueros have been very open to the possibility of adopting a second child at the same time as Amelie. They thought that they’d ask when they arrived in her country about any available children at the same orphanage. They had no idea that just a few days after committing to Amelie, a second little one, from a different region and living in an institution would find his way into their hearts. While scrolling through the Reece’s Rainbow Facebook group, there was little Kayson, a boy who has experienced far too much neglect in his 10 years of life and who has been confined to a crib and left alone. Something powerful overcame them again, and they found themselves desperately wanting to bring him home too, even through the fears and uncertainty.

Both Amelie and Kayson have certain special needs, some profound, that Danny and Rachel had previously not been open to. They live in a country that wasn’t one they had hoped to adopt from. And adopting them will mean going out of “birth order” which is sometimes frowned upon, they followed their hearts anyway. Not only are they now open to these ages, special needs, and country, but they find themselves thrilled that this is the path they’re on and that God’s plans were so much better than what they used to think they wanted. Door after door leading to these children have opened. They believe that the financial obstacles between them and their children will be overcome as well.

Their 3 biological children can’t wait for new siblings! While it’s overwhelming to have to come up with such a large amount, they believe that through lots of fundraising, some extreme budgeting, and the generosity of others, it will happen. Although it can feel like the process can’t move quickly enough, they know that everything is in God’s hands. Just like Amelie, and then Kayson came into their life at a time and in a way that they never would’ve expected, they’re trusting that the remainder of their adoption journey will unfold in His way and in His timing as well.


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Meet the Carper family from central Pennsylvania. Jason and Candid met the 2nd day of their high school senior year in 2001 and have been together ever since. Jason and Candid were married after dating almost 4 years and Candid competed nursing school. They have 2 boys, Colton who is 11 and Jackson who is 6. They also have 2 labrador retrievers named Gracin and Hope and a cat named Callie. The Carper family enjoys camping with family and spending time together playing outside.

From a very young age, Candid could see people’s ability not their disability and has always been drawn to helping people. In 2007, she began researching adoption, but the timing was not right. She attended nursing school and worked in a long-term care facility for the first few years but felt called to pediatric nursing. She then went to work for an agency that provided care in children’s homes with special needs. After working 7 years for the agency she was blessed with their second son, however he would require a short-term NICU stay. She took time off to help him grow. When she returned to work, she started a new job as a school nurse at their local school district but always felt the call to return to special needs nursing. Candid returned to the pediatric home care and remains there taking care of children with multiple special needs. She has always felt the call from God to adopt but the timing was not right for their family due to caring for Jason’s grandmother for 7 years as well as 2 children.

Jason is the main family provider. He works very hard to be sure that his family is taken care of. Growing up with his grandparents and working on the family farm taught him many skills in life. Jason knows what unconditional love is and is looking forward to a new journey with a daughter.

Colton and Jackson both helped to care for their great-grandmother and showed great compassion in her care. They helped prepare her meals, attend medical appointments and hold her hand to guide her as she was blind. Both boys have been recognized in their school for helping others and having a loving heart. They are looking forward to a sister and being her protector.

In 2019, the call from God became greater and Candid began researching adoption again. She began praying for her family and for their future daughter. In July of 2019 she came across an advocacy post of a little girl with down syndrome. She then began having dreams of her and she just knew that she was who God had placed on her heart for her family to adopt. The Carper family began praying about adoption and in October they submitted their application to bring home a precious little girl.

They are now home study approved and have sent in their LOI and I-800A forms. Please pray for their family and little girl as they are excited to bring her home and become a family of 5.


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Brian and Patrice met in 2009 shortly after Patrice moved to the area for her work with the federal government and the rest, as they say, is history. They were married by 2012 and are now the parents to three awesome kids: Gwen (age 6), Noel (age 4) and Jack (age 2) and one scruffy little dog named Scrapple.

Professionally, Brian is an elementary music teacher at an underprivileged school in Camden, NJ and Patrice is a Technical Expert for the Social Security Administration. However, what the couple really loves is being parents. The kids are never bored at the Gannon house – from guitar sing alongs with Daddy to sleepovers and designer pancake breakfasts with Mommy, there is never a dull moment. Game nights are a regular occurrence and small trips camping and to the beach are family traditions.

Although this is their first adoption, Brian and Patrice are both professionally experienced with special needs children and, in December 2018, received a diagnosis for their own oldest child. Gwen has always had trouble walking stairs and was thought to be simply less coordinated. It was not until her little sister began to eclipse her physical milestones that the family began to take notice. Gwen was formally evaluated for muscle weakness in kindergarten and, in a very quick turn of events, was referred to her pediatrician who stated that Gwen likely had terminal Muscular Dystrophy. This was a very challenging time for the Gannons. Priorities and purpose began to come into focus, and parent was right at the top. While ultimately, Gwen’s diagnosis was downgraded to a less severe form of Muscular Dystrophy, their urge to help other children stuck around. Patrice has always been an adoption advocate and has volunteered with foster kids for many years. Little did they know, they would soon see a picture of a boy who felt like their son. And so, their adoption journey began.


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In February, we felt a tug on our hearts that we were being called to pursue adoption. We immediately began praying and trying to determine which route of adoption was best for our family. After looking at all the opportunities available, we felt that international adoption was the best fit for our family.

At first, we felt that we were being called to pursue a child in China. We started researching and found that we would not be able to start the process until December because of China’s requirements regarding the age of your youngest child. However, we still felt that China was where we were meant to go, so we spent time praying and learning about what the future would hold for our family. During this time, we felt very strongly that we were being called to pursue a child with Down syndrome. Children with Down syndrome in other parts of the world often face deplorable conditions and are institutionalized once they age out of the orphanage system.

At the end of May, Sarah received an email with a picture of a little boy who lives in Eastern Europe. We were immediately drawn to his big brown eyes and his sweet smile. We knew the decision to pursue him would totally turn our plan upside down, but we also had no doubt that he was meant to be our son. On June 4, we submitted our letter of commitment. On July 1, the foreign government approved our commitment application! Now, it’s time to work hard to get our sweet boy home! We have decided to name him Alek. “Alek” is part of his birth name, and we wanted him to have a connection to his heritage.

We do not personally know Alek yet. What we do know is this: He has never had a momma to snuggle with him the morning. He has never experienced having his daddy read him a bedtime story. He doesn’t know what it feels like to snuggle up next to his sisters during a family movie night. He doesn’t have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal that he takes with him everywhere he goes. He has never known the love of a family, and we cannot wait to share that with him!


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themannfamilyHONG KONG

 We had an absolutely awesome time in Hong Kong.

Our social worker was an excellent tour guide and we saw many of the sights and learned about the history of the city.  It was a once in a lifetime experience for all of us, and that does not include the most wonderful part of the journey!!!!   Jacob took to our family immediately, he must have felt the love that we have had for him for so long.  The orphanage staff was wonderful to us and our family.  There was a very tearful goodbye when we took Jacob home.

The staff could not grieve for very long, because they had other children to care for that are still waiting for their forever families.  I do not think that I will ever have the right words to express how we all felt, all I can say is that he is the most precious gift our family has ever received.  He is funny and engaging and is already flirting with Emily and Erika’s friends.