Kurt and Rachel live in rural Oregon and are the parents of 7 children. Growing up overseas Rachel had many opportunities to volunteer at orphanages & adoption was always a passion of Rachel’s. After having 6 biological children they were overjoyed to adopt Nicole two years ago from Vietnam. She has been a joy to their family & opened their eyes to the beauty of adoption. They are excited to adopt again, this time a son from Eastern Europe. As a family they love to play board games, go camping & hiking in the summer & have dance parties in the kitchen all year long.


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Bodie and Krista Dowding first talked about adopting before they were even married. Both agreed that they would someday adopt.  Fast forward a few years and their house is a very chaotic joyous place full of three boys five and under. “I couldn’t shake this nudge that even though we had three young boys we were supposed to start looking into adoption,” Krista says, “ I didn’t think it would happen this fast!”

In November of 2018 Krista was talking on the phone when the friend asked if Bodie and Krista felt called to international adoption. Krista wasn’t sure at the time which road of adoption they would pursue. After learning about the lives of many aged out orphan girls in Romania, Bodie and Krista knew they had a heart for the girls in Eastern Europe but, unless they felt an overwhelming call to a certain country, they’d decided to go the cheaper route and adopt domestically. The friend encouraged Krista to check out a Blog called Ransom for Israel and Krista was immediately hooked.

Soon after, Krista clicked on a link to another site called Reeces Rainbow. As she scrolled through images of special needs children, one particular girl caught her attention. “During the next week I asked friends to pray for Bodie because I couldn’t get this little girl out of my head and I thought she might be the one. If she was, Bodie needed to feel called to adopt her as well. At this point, he really thought we should wait a few years to adopt.”

A week and a half after Krista first discovered this girl on Reeces Rainbow she went back to the site and her profile had changed. It now included “Blind in one eye.” Such a little change excited Krista because she’d talked to Bodie about how feeling particularly drawn to adopting a child with blindness or deafness. Bodie walked in from work that day and Krista playfully announced “I found our girl!” Bodie looked at the screen and then playfully responded back “ok! Write the check!”

He wasn’t kidding. No matter what the issues were that this girl was dealing with, both Bodie and Krista felt she was supposed to be a part of their family.  Within a couple weeks they’d committed to her.  Their little boys are eager to welcome a new sister and often ask “Can we go get Bailey today?” Time stands still for these brothers as the wait seems too long and the work to get her here continues day and night. They don’t realize that as soon as their parents say good night they begin more paperwork and scanning and printing and planning. So the work continues, one day at a time until she’s home.


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We are adopting. In those three little words, there is so much meaning. They are the words that send our hearts soaring — it’s so surreal, has been SO long on our hearts, and the journey we’ve taken to this place looks nothing like we originally intended. But so it is with God. ⁣

His panoramic view has smashed our Polaroid at every turn. We can see only what is in front of us—the virtual snapshot of the life I’m living—and yet in his gracious goodness, He sees it all and is not shaken by the tidal wave of any one moment. His plan has been perfected in the waiting, and it is with great thankfulness and JOY that we find ourselves back here, in this space….waiting on His timing.

We are adopting from Eastern Europe. We plan to name this little girl Saylor – a name that means ‘rope’ or ‘tether’. Her name has become a metaphor for this entire adoption journey. Our hearts are tethered to a tiny baby living half a world away. We’re tethered by the promise of what is to come, by the permanence God has already spoken over our family and the intention with which He’s chosen us for one another.  God has anchored this little girl to our very souls and she is a part of us–even now. The need is great and the families are few, and we believe she is worthy. We desire to proclaim God’s gracious goodness and intention over her precious life. She is worthy of being wanted. We have chosen to pursue this little girl as our beloved daughter with deep, loving intention.

We have four kiddos, ages 7, 5, 3, and 1 – two boys and two girls. I am a public school kindergarten teacher and my husband works for our state government. We aren’t uniquely qualified in any way to pursue an international adoption, but we love Jesus with all we’ve got and our steadfast faith is in Him alone. We believe that He will light this path as we walk forward to bring our baby girl home!

We are stepping out in bold faith and brave love. International adoption is daunting, on so many fronts. The financial implications – especially for our big and blessed family of six – are substantial. We know this will stretch us, but we also know that God is so much bigger. We know He delights in bringing orphans into their forever families, and we raise our arms to Him knowing He will make a way for us in this season. He’ll light the path, and we’ll walk it in JOY as we bring our girl home.

I always tell my three year old, as he’s running around the house at lightning speed with his eyes on the floor, “LOOK UP! Look up, so you can see where you’re going”  Friends, will you look up with us? Will you fix your eyes on the One who adopted us ALL into His family as orphans, and will you help us bring this precious baby girl home?


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Sebastian (Linden) & Jaxon 2015

Sebastian (Linden) & Jaxon 2015


Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at






Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog