The Harrison family already has five children, but they have room in their hearts for more.  The family consists of Austin Harrison of Austin Harrison Construction, Taylor Elchert of Taylor Elchert Photography, and their five—soon to be six—children: Rosalie, Eloise, Cordelia, Ambrose and Forrest, which include TWO sets of twins.

Adoption is something the family has always wanted to do, and so they decided to begin the process of becoming foster parents last summer.

Taylor and Austin were originally in the process of becoming foster parents in the U.S. when they saw a profile of a child in a Bulgarian orphanage shared to Reece’s Rainbow’s Facebook page, and their lives were turned upside-down. They agreed after seeing the little boy, it was unconditional love at first sight. The couple then got in contact with an international agency and were matched shortly after.

The process officially began in February 2023, and they feel that they cannot get to their little boy fast enough! They are graciously inviting their wonderful friends, family, and community to come together and help them relieve some of the financial burden.

Getting him home as quickly as possible is a priority to them not only because institutionalized care simply cannot compare to the love of a family, but because he has lifelong medical needs that also need to be addressed here in the U.S.  The family acknowledges that while adoption is beautiful, there is also trauma that comes along with it.

The Harrison family greatly appreciates any amount that can be contributed towards their adoption costs. Thank you!


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In 2013, when Nick and Val said yes to adopting a young boy from Eastern Europe that was being hosted in the US, they never dreamed answering God’s call would impact their lives so much. What they didn’t know was that little boy already had a family pursuing him. After much prayer they decided to continue the adoption journey in Ethiopia. After three successful and life changing adoptions of four children from Ethiopia, they felt the tugging on their heart by the Holy Spirit to adopt again.

The tug they were feeling was to adopt a waiting child. They saw a little girl on Reece’s Rainbow that took their breath away. They started the process to adopt her. Then covid hit, the process with their sweet little girl in China is now on hold.

Val saw a little boy in March from Eastern Europe and her heart skipped a beat. She felt the Lord say to her, “this is your son.”  Nick and Val called their agency and asked if they could do concurrent adoptions. Their agency said it was possible but would be hard.  Months later God preformed a miracle. They are in the process to bring their sweet son home.

Val and Nick’s heart for adoption started with a sweet little boy from Eastern Europe and now they are heading to that same country to bring their son home. This is only a story God could write❤️!


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Tim (James) and Jennifer Hayden have been married for almost 5 years. Tim has 2 adult children from a previous marriage, and Jennifer has 4 children ranging in age from 14 to 20 years old. Jennifer is an RN who has worked with children with special needs since high school, and Tim has a natural gift with people that have extra challenges. One of Jennifer’s daughters was adopted from Uzbekistan 10 years ago and has taught this family a great deal about the world of special needs parenting. In fact, it was during her involvement in the Special Olympics that Tim and Jennifer fell in love with children and adults with Down Syndrome.

With all their children growing up, Tim and Jennifer felt that God was telling their hearts that they weren’t quite done with parenting. Out of a wish to give a child a family that needs one and also the desire to have the experience of raising a child together, they believe adoption is the best way to accomplish this. With Jennifer’s past experience with international adoption, and many friends in their church family coming from Asian heritage, adopting from China seemed a natural fit. After years of following Reece’s Rainbow’s ministry, they fell in love with LOUIS several months ago and prayed for him to be their son if it was God’s will. After many months of preparation, they have now been pre-approved for his adoption!


$1,134.90 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

Make the most of your gift, consider sending a check! Online donations to children with committed families incur a 3% PayPal transaction fee.

Louis has received a Waiting Child Grant of $15,100.00.








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Sabrina 2013

Sabrina 2013


Mollie (Harlowe) & Eliza (Dorothy 2104

Mollie (Harlowe) & Eliza (Dorothy) 2104






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We began our adoption journey to Joey back in 2004 when we decided we wanted to adopt one or two, up to three children, from Ukraine. Through prayer, we decided we wanted an older girl (age range 10-14) with a younger brother (age range 5-9), preferably for the younger brother to have Down syndrome. We have 5 bio children, the youngest of whom has Down syndrome and autism. We felt we could handle another child with Down syndrome, since we knew what we were in for, and figured that probably not many other people were standing in line waiting for them.

We found, through another family who had adopted just a few months previously, a wonderful brother and sister pair who fit our “wish list” perfectly, except the little boy did not have Down syndrome. He had some other correctable medical problems, and in April 2004, James and Catie joined our family. Their adjustment was smooth, and we were enjoying them so much, but still felt that God could possibly be calling us to adopt another child with Down syndrome.

We heard about Daniil, saw a couple of pictures, and I was smitten. Jim was not quite as anxious as I was, since Daniil was much younger than we had originally planned, so we waited and prayed for guidance. Life goes on, but every few months I was drawn back to those pictures, then every few weeks, and soon, I was  studying them daily, and felt sure God was calling us to Daniil. Through the fall and early winter of 2006 we prayed for guidance, and that if it were not God’s will for us to have Daniil, that He provide another family for him. Through a series of events in February 2006, we came to be sure it was us, and we began our paperwork in earnest, finishing it just in time for the NAC to close down, as it was being turned into the SDA!

Updating paperwork as needed, and anxiously awaiting for the SDA to reopen, we finally got paperwork submitted in February, and got a May 2007 appointment. On June 11, 2007, Daniil became Alexander Joseph Stolz, (“Joey”) and came home with us at the end of June. He was 6 years 10 months old, and such a joy. He now has 3 brothers and 4 sisters, and a mom and dad, and lots of extended family who love him.