We are Brice and Amanda Wurdeman and have been married for 16 years. We have six biological children: Naiyah age 15, Beckett age 12, Paxson age 10, Kensington age 5, Greeley age 3, and Rusk age 1. For the past fourteen years our family served as missionaries overseas. We were honored to live above an orphanage loving on the babies and also seeing families brought together through adoption. We believe we watched God work miracles in the lives of children and families.

This past year we relocated back to our home country of the United States and are once again surrounded by grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. We were gifted in part a new home and Brice became the Director of the Missions Department at the local Christian college. This made us want to open our home to more people in some way. Also, last year, our 6th little one was born and diagnosed with Down syndrome. He has opened our eyes to even more joy and wonder. We prayed and contacted the country we had served as missionaries in, but they told us it would likely be years – if ever – for a boy to be put up for adoption that also had special needs there, since they were such a small country.

Then, a few months ago, God working ahead, we were contacted from a country we had formerly served in to see if we would adopt a little guy also with Down syndrome they knew about who was just a week younger than our new little guy. We knew right away he was a perfect fit for our family. We were matched, completed our homestudy, and are now finishing the paperwork that should allow us to bring him home in May or June of 2022.

We have always seen God supply our needs, so we know as He directs this, He will work out the adoption costs. We believe that the total cost of the adoption will be a little over $29,000. To date, we have already paid $11,000 and together with our kids, we are working on fundraisers to raise and save as much as we can. We are hopeful to raise at least 1/3 of what we need via grants. Thank you very much.


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We are the Perryman family we have been married for almost 28 years now. God has blessed us with 3 bios. Children 26 ,21,14 & a daughter in law. This is our 2nd adoption from Asia. God blessed us with Eliyahu who is now 6. We brought him home in Nov. 2018. He was born with Down Syndrome (Rocking that 3rd Chromosome) and Anal Atresia so he has a colostomy bag. We have always had a heart for special needs children. Those who have Down Syndrome especially tugs at our hearts. In 2014 God said 2 years. We were not sure what that meant at that time but during the next 2 years we had a heavy heart for the kids with special needs that needed a loving family. Seemed like everything we heard of saw was about adoption so we started looking and reading about thousands of kids waiting to be adopted & it brought tears to our eyes & pulled at our heart strings. We know without a doubt God was calling us to adopt.

In 2016 God said it is time. We went & talked to our friends that have adopted 4 special needs kids from China. She showed us some sweet faces waiting to be adopted. The next morning, she texted me a picture & said she had forgotten about this little guy, he was in the same orphanage as their daughter was. Oh, my heart that little face. I shared his picture with my husband. That night when we got home, I showed our daughter she said Mom that’s my brother. That was conformation that this little guy was ours. In March 2016 we started the process on our 1st adoption. A lot of prayers, trusting and relying on God! Nov. 2018, we brought our son home from China. In June 2019 I (Christin) felt the need to look at special need’s children waiting on a forever family & as I was looking at all of those beautiful little souls there was one little face with Down Syndrome that tugged at my heart & I knew God is blessing us with another daughter. Now all I needed to do was tell M.J.. He would probably say it was to soon, because at this time we had only had our son home for 6 months. We know God had put it in our hearts to adopt again but we were not sure when. I know my wife looks at the special needs children on Reece’s Rainbow & often prays God would be with them & watch over them. One evening when she was on Reece’s Rainbow, she came across this beautiful little girl & my wife said look at this baby. I looked at the picture for a minute then looked back at my wife (Christin) & said this is our baby girl. When my husband (M.J.) said those words, I knew that was conformation & it is God’s plan for this precious baby girl to be ours. She is chosen & wanted. We are stepping out in faith & being obedient to what God has called us to do. We are expectant and can not wait to see how God’s Grace, Mercy & Love is shown through this.


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