Luke and Kelly Grover are parents of four beautiful children. Three of which are biological. Their fourth, Zoey, was adopted from China in 2017. Even before their marriage Luke and Kelly knew they wanted a large family. After each of their children were born premature, their youngest child being born two months premature, they were advised by their doctor that having children biologically was a risk. While disappointed, they knew they would continue to grow their family another way. They wanted to find children who might have difficulty finding a forever family because of special needs. After bringing home Zoey, who has Down syndrome, and experiencing how much love and joy she brought to our family, they decided to try again. This time they were introduced to Holly, who also has Down syndrome, and absolutely fell in love. They are working through their dossier and immigration paperwork and hope to travel in early 2020. The entire Grover family is just excited to get our daughter home.


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$16,920.00 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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