PRISCILLA for the Koebel family — MO

Darrel and Shonette have been married for 28 ½ years. Darrel is retired AF, and is now in law enforcement. Shonette is a stay at home mom and homeschools five children who are still in school. They are active in First Baptist Church, in their city.

They have ten children, four biological and six adopted. They have always been led to adopt overseas. They finally took that leap of faith back in 2009. They started out to adopt one little girl and that fell threw. Then they picked another little girl, which could not be adopted because paper work wasn’t ready for her. In that entire process, they wanted to God to lead them to the one that was to be their daughter. Their agency sent them five more little girls. They prayed that whichever one was paper ready, was to be their daughter. In April 2010, they landed with their little girl from Ukraine, AnnaKae Hope. AnnaKae was weeks from being transferred. They knew AnnaKae was meant to be their daughter. They have been praying for years about adopting another one so AnnaKae could have a little sister.

They were praying about Priscilla on Reece’s Rainbow. Then Shonette heard she was going to be transferred in August. She knew it was time to jump again. God has called them to a place that a lot of people don’t want to go. Darrel and Shonette have a heart for orphans and know it’s their passion. They are rushing to get everything done, to get to Priscilla before she is transferred. They are excited about adding another little one to their family and can’t wait to get her home.

9/26/2017 — APPT on NOV 11

$9,619.68 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Priscilla has received a $2378.95 Waiting Child Grant.

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