CYRIL for the Ampe family — MI

Joe and Tiffany Ampe already know the joys (and challenges!) that children bring to a household. With eight children (ages two to 18), they have been blessed with an exceptionally jubilant and noisy home. For the past five years they have actively discussed adoption (even becoming a licensed foster home) and adding to their family. The couple has periodically perused Reece’s Rainbow and prayed for the waiting children and families actively working towards bringing them home. On one such evening Tiffany saw a picture of a sweet baby boy with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome seemed a natural fit, as they have a seven-year-old niece with an extra chromosome. When Tiffany shared the brief bio of “Cyril” with Joe, he retorted, “you don’t show me the picture of a baby needing a home and then close the laptop”. The same evening, they requested more information on the country he is in, requirements, costs and information on additional diagnoses.

The couple was excited to quickly receive a response with additional material. But they already had a list of which countries they were open to adopting from (all with solid reasons why: someone just might be Type A!), and “Cyril’s” country wasn’t on it. Joe wasn’t dissuaded but Tiffany felt disappointed and certain that they needed to keep looking for a child that “fit” the list. But that all changed within days as Tiffany reflected on a Podcast that examined how quickly the disciples followed Jesus. The priest exclaimed that, “delayed obedience is disobedience”. WOW! The same day Tiffany and Joe committed to “Cyril”.

The entire Ampe family, grandparents, friends and church are excited for this newest addition to come home. The adoption process has been significantly more trying than pregnancy and they remain deeply appreciative of the financial, emotional and spiritual help of all those that support them.


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SYDNEY and REAGAN for the Eby family — MI

The Eby family has been involved with adoption for more than 11 years. So you would think they’d know that saying they were done growing their family through adoption wasn’t a wise thing to do. After Kaitlyn and Kathryn came home in 2015, they felt ready to settle in and enjoy the family they had been given. Laura was still advocating for children and through those groups saw two little girls. Twins. One an typical two year old, the other her very delayed sister.

But… Laura thought, they were done. She watched as family after family asked to see the girls’ files hoping one of the families would choose them. Curious after a while, Laura asked to see the files. Beautiful little girls. One with significant needs, needs they already had experience with.

But they were done building their family.

Sydney has complex needs. Her file says esotropia and agenesis of the corpus callosum. She had a seizure when she was younger and was put on seizure meds. She has significant delays and feeding issues.

Reagan is healthy and doing well.

Keeping these girls together is very important.  But…

The files were asked for and returned again and again. Laura finally told Ron about these little girls and found him surprisingly open to adding them to their family.

But… they were done building their family.

“If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans”

After careful thought and consideration they decided (what they really already knew) that Sydney and Reagan were their daughters.

The Eby family is happy and excited to announce that WE will be Sydney and Reagan’s family!

And then, we are done building our family……. 😉


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GABRIEL for the Kladder family — MI

Ben and Holly are not new to the adoption world, nor to special needs adoption, having adopted all four of their children (now ages 15, 11, 7, and 6), three of whom were once waiting children with special medical needs. Ellie came home from S. Korea in 2006 and Bereket came home from Ethiopia in 2008. Ezra was adopted as an infant domestically in 2011, and XuBin came home from China in 2014. When they arrived home from China in 2014, they both assumed that their family was complete. Holly had been the “pusher” when it came to adding children to the family and she made a vow to God and to Ben that she wasn’t going to push anymore. It wasn’t fair to Ben for Holly to always be leading the charge toward another child and it wasn’t fair to Holly either, as she wasn’t allowing herself to trust God to lead Ben through His spirit, to trust Him with His timing, and ultimately to trust in His plans for their family. She kept her promise.

Holly began advocating for Gabriel, a little boy who had captured her heart back in 2013. She advocated through social media and in person whenever she conversed with someone who she thought might be interested. She told God that she didn’t need to be Gabriel’s mother, she just needed someone to be. Someone needed to love this little boy that she loved. She prayed that his family would find him. She began donating a small monthly amount to his Reeces Rainbow account so that when his adoptive family found him, they would have a grant to use toward their adoption.

Life went on. They were happily raising 4 kids and working full time. Their hearts and hands were full.

Imagine Holly’s shock when Ben told her one day in November that he was 100% positive that they were supposed to adopt Gabriel! The message was clear: they were his family and this little love was waiting for them this whole time. Ben and Holly look forward to welcoming Gabriel into their family in August or September 2018.

5/4/2018 — DOSSIER SUBMITTED 4/17

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A CHILD for the Lafreniere family — MI

Don and Erin Lafreniere met on amateur radio when they were in high school and began an international on-the-air romance (Don lived in Canada and Erin in the United States). These high school sweethearts celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in January 2018. Erin, a former teacher, is now the stay-at-home/homeschooling mom of 13-year-old Peter, 6-year-old Simon, and 1-year-old Clara. The Lafreniere family has lived in both the US and Canada but now lives in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a wonderful place to raise a family. They enjoy visiting Lake Superior beaches, hiking in the woods, and visiting waterfalls together.

After years of Erin being interested in adoption and Don feeling reluctant about it, Erin saw 10-year-old “Valentine” in a summer hosting photolisting and recognized him as a child listed years earlier on Reece’s Rainbow. Knowing that being hosted would significantly increase his chances of being adopted, she convinced Don to host him in the summer of 2017. Once they started hosting, the whole Lafreniere family fell in love with Valentine and Don saw how desperately Valentine needed a family. Seeing his joy in simple things like seeing wildlife, jumping on the trampoline, and running through the sprinkler on a hot day, his pride in learning new skills like riding a bike, playing card games, and telling time, and his obvious desire to belong, and knowing the bleak future that awaited him in his country if he was not adopted, Don and Erin decided to pursue their first international adoption to make him a permanent member of their family. They embarked on the grueling process of preparing and submitting their dossier, dreaming of the day they would welcome Valentine back to their home to stay permanently.

However, in March 2018, just after receiving an invitation to travel to Valentine’s country, Don and Erin learned that Valentine had been adopted by a family in his country just weeks before. Although shocked and distraught, they decided not to let all the work they had done go to waste; they chose to travel anyhow and seek a referral for another child. They continued to face obstacles in their path, as the first child they met was not ready to agree to be adopted, even after almost a week of daily visits. After losing Valentine and not being successful with their first referral, they were filled with trepidation as they faced their appointment for a second referral. Happily, the second child they met was excited about the prospect of being adopted, and they hit it off immediately.

The Lafreniere family is eager to welcome this 10-year-old girl to their home and share their love with her. They are humbly asking for financial support to make this adoption possible.

4/16/2018 — COURT SCHEDULED MAY 10
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TEMPERANCE for the Sims family — MI

Temperance (2)The humanity in all of us is touched by thoughts of the loneliness experienced by any child waiting for adoption. The story is all the more profound if the child has some special medical need that means his/her passage into adulthood without the love and protection of a family will result in an already desperate prospect having a truly hopeless outlook–most especially when the special need secures little sympathy or help from in-country institutional sources.

This is a story about a little girl called Temperance, and the family she was meant to have.

Temperance has just turned 8. Her prospects of adoption are hugely compromised not only by her age but also and more particularly by her very special need—a chronic blood disorder which is not well understood in her country. She does well in school and is respectful to adults. She is pretty and sweet, but she will not survive under the current circumstances.

The Sims married later in life but faced the prospect of a childless marriage because Dean had the exact same medical condition that Temperance has. Consistent care, persistence, intelligent medical management and the advance of science not only enabled him to manage this condition and live an active, healthy life but it allowed Mary and Dean to have two healthy biological children. This story, if we had space to share the details, would itself leave you watery eyed in terms of its improbability.

Mary and Dean want to try to give something back by way of thanks for their good fortune. Their age now puts them just over the line of ineligibility for many adoption programs, but their preparedness to embrace Temperance into their family and their unique ability to offer medical care and personal experience in successfully managing her condition has opened up an opportunity for them to adopt Temperance.  The cost of this adoption (nearly $60,000) is a harrowing obstacle even after making sacrifices and putting aside other wants and needs as all adoptive parents must do. The high cost is due not only to the extensive in-country fees, but also to the requirement for a six-week stay in country for the whole family.

They are resolved to make it happen. They feel they have to. Without this lifeline, Temperance would seem to have little chance at a full and happy life. In fact, now that she is eight, she may be moved to the school for children with mental challenges, which is where many children with miscellaneous conditions seem to end up. This would be a terrifying prospect even for an adult, but imagine yourself looking through the eyes of a smart and aware, but defenseless, little girl! Even without that, she could find herself suffering extreme prejudice and hardship upon aging out, due to her health condition (if she remains healthy long enough to age out) as well as having spent time in a school for mentally challenged children (of which she was not one). In the arms of her family she would be loved and nurtured and have her condition safely managed so that she could have a full, happy and long life of achievement and strong relationships.

We hope you will join us in bringing this precious child home, and saving a soul worth saving. Maybe in the process, we can begin to break down the bureaucratic paradigms that prevent other children in similar circumstances from finding salvation. But for now—Temperance.


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KURT and SABRINA for the Kroll family — MI




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ALBAN “Nugget” for the Vanchura family — MI



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IVEY and JUSTIN for the Charnesky family — MI

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JACOB for the Kroll family — MI

Timothy (Jacob) 2013

Timothy (Jacob) 2013



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BARBARA & MATTHEW for the Plummer family–MI




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