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Chad and Jaimie have two boys, Ian who is 15 and Logan is 9. We have been hoping and praying to welcome another child or children into our family for many years. We live in Northern Maine, and attend church on Sundays. We have a great youth program for children of all ages. The kids enjoy VBS in the summer! Logan went to his first week of Bible camp this past summer and loved it! We live on a small farm, with small livestock and a pony. Goats, rabbits, chickens, dogs and cats too! Our kids are involved with soccer, art, basketball, community sports programs, cub scouts, gymnastics and dance.

Our oldest son has developmental special needs. We have been foster parents, and have had babies and older children in our home. Most with some type of special needs, including speech, behavioral, development, and attachment challenges, and orthopedic needs. We also understand and are experienced with trauma and loss. We are currently not fostering, as we are waiting to adopt and want our time and focus on our children.

Jaimie is a full time stay at home mom to give children her full attention, and volunteers at a local food pantry, school, and church nursery. Chad is a Wilderness First Responder and a Maine Guide, as well as a trail builder. He guides school groups on nature expeditions and teaches them about survival and nature. He works local and he is home every evening for dinner and family time, and does not work weekends.

We want to grow our family though adoption because we believe that every child deserves a loving family – and that is something we have! Our doors and hearts are open, and we cannot wait to welcome the child or children who are waiting for us!

5/13/2019 — HOMESTUDY in PROCESS

$9.70 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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ADDILYN and OWEN for the Matthews family — ME


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TRIXIE for the Thibeault family — ME

Victoria (Trixie) 2015

Victoria (Trixie) 2015


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Onni (Andreas) 2015

Onni (Andreas) 2015



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