3 Siblings for the Perron family — MD

Brett and Jessica met 17 years ago while attending college in upstate New York. They currently live in Maryland with their 5 biological children. Clayton (13), Ava (11), Lyla (9), Allen (4) and Pierce (2), are the loves of their lives. Brett is a mechanical engineer and works as project developer at Ameresco Inc and Jessica owns an early intervention preschool for children diagnosed with Autism. They enjoy spending time as a family going for bike rides, playing board games and spending time outside. After Pierce was born they thought their family was complete, however God had other plans. In August 2017, Brett and Jessica started considering International Adoption. After working with children with special needs for over 15 years, Jessica knew that if they decided to adopt, they would adopt a waiting child with special needs. One afternoon Jessica called an adoption agency to inquire about a little girl who was diagnosed with multiple medical needs. The agency told her that she had already been matched but there was a sibling group that was available for hosting and adoption. When Brett and Jessica received pictures of the siblings, they immediately fell in love. The ages of the siblings were 7, 5 and 4. They had been in the orphanage for 2 years.

After hosting the older 2 siblings this past Christmas, Brett and Jessica knew that their story didn’t end there. After the children returned to their orphanage in January they started the journey to adopt all 3. All children, regardless of life circumstances, medical needs and disabilities deserve to grow up in a loving and stable family. The 3 siblings that Brett and Jessica are adopting are amazing. They are smart, loving and full of joy despite the circumstances that they have been through. The youngest needs medical care, medical evaluations and proper therapy for her to develop to her fullest potential.

Brett and Jessica believe that serving those who are the most vulnerable is one of life’s biggest blessings. When you pour love and compassion into those who need it the most, your dreams will start to come true. Over the 3 weeks that they hosted the children, they taught us more about the goodness of God than we ever thought possible. They were given hundreds of hugs and kisses and they can’t wait to give them more. They did more for Brett and Jessica during their 3 weeks stay than they could ever do in a lifetime. They are working hard and praying to raise enough money to bring the children home as soon as possible. The fees associated with adopting 3 children at once are extremely high.  Their country also requires 3 trips to finalize the adoption. Thank you for your support and prayers to help bring our 3 precious children home.


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BRENNA for the Hourigan family — MD

Michael Patrick & Sarah Hourigan were high school sweethearts and have been married for 10 years. They have been blessed with four biological children: Weston (8), Nellie (6), Trevor (5) and Collin (almost 2). Pat works in Biotech Manufacturing and Sarah is a full-time homeschooling mother.

Pat & Sarah have always wanted to adopt and desire a large family. Sarah’s first experience in international adoption was as a teenager, when a close friend’s family brought home a baby girl from Asia. Sarah decided back then that adoption would be in her future and she particularly hoped to have a girl from Asia one day. Pat is a family man and truly enjoys young children. He has said that he hopes to always have little kids in his life.

While scrolling through Facebook one day, Sarah came across a video about a family who had adopted children with Down Syndrome. It piqued her interest and she found herself googling more about Down Syndrome adoption and feeling pulled strongly in that direction. She shared her feelings with Pat, who was supportive. In early June, it was Brenna’s precious face that sealed the deal. Sarah fell in love with her instantly, and Pat’s heart soon followed. There were many tears and desperate prayers and lots of joy as they began the process to welcome Brenna into their family.

God has already provided miraculously for the Hourigan’s adoption. They are trusting Him to provide and equip them for the rest of the journey.

5/1/2018 — TRAVELING in MAY

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JACOB for the Lehman family — MD

Tobin and Jen Lehman have been married for 11 years and have been blessed with three amazing kids; Rhys (8), Kathryn (5), and Elisabeth (2). Tobin runs an missions-minded marketing firm and Jen has been grateful for the opportunity to stay home and homeschool these three children.

Although Tobin and Jen have been aware of God’s heart for orphaned children and even participated in an orphan hosting program in 2014, adoption was not on their radar. But this spring they felt that God was preparing their hearts for the addition of a new child through adoption. Specifically, they felt that they were being specially equipped to welcome a child with special needs. As they thought and prayed about this, they felt that God was continually confirming this as a calling for their family.

Then, they saw a picture of Jacob and they immediately felt the desire to welcome him into their hearts and home. Jacob is six months younger than their youngest daughter and has Down Syndrome and mild heart defects.

Every step of the process has been met with support from their family and confirmation of this decision as provision for the adoption has been made as they have walked through the steps to bring this sweet boy home and show him that he is precious and loved.

They have already paid for and completed their application and home study and are now trusting God to help provide for the next steps. They hope to be able to bring Jacob home in the first part of the new year. They are thankful for the prayers and support of their family and community as they pursue the prize of bringing Jacob to his forever home.

5/1/2018 — TRAVELING in MAY


Jacob has received a $209 Waiting Child Grant.

A CHILD for the Linke family — MD

Markus and Sarah Linke met at church 11 years ago and have now been married for 8 years. A lot has happened in their 8 years of marriage; from experiencing miscarriages, to dealing with infertility, to the adoption of their miracle baby Hope in 2013.

In the beginning of their relationship, long before they experienced infertility, Markus and Sarah realized they had a common desire to adopt. And in 2013, less than 2 years after they experienced the heartache of miscarriages, their baby girl Hope practically fell into their laps. She is by far the biggest blessing in their lives. In 2015, when Hope was 2 years old, they saw the profile of a little boy with special needs and decided to try to adopt again. But just as they were nearing the end of their home study, the foster family decided to adopt the little boy.  So they decided to put adoption on hold for a little while. Late in 2016, they saw “Anderson’s” profile on Reece’s Rainbow, a little boy with special needs  available for adoption. Yes, the thought of the adoption falling through again crossed their minds. There is no guarantee in adoption; there are always risks. But they knew they had to try again! They have room in their hearts and home for more children, and Hope is so very excited to be a big sister!

Markus and Sarah feel so blessed and are thrilled to be on this adoption journey! They would greatly appreciate your prayers and welcome any financial support as they work hard to bring their son home as quickly as they can.


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TEMPERANCE for the Willock family — MD

Temperance (2)

Vanessa (Temperance)

Vanessa (Temperance)



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Gabriel for the Pellegrino family — MD


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JOHN MARK and PRATT for the Hutson family — MD


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MICHELLE and FELICIA for the Cooper family — MD



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LINA for Amy and Mike — MD

Lina 2015

Lina 2015



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