CLYDE and RONALD for the Davis family — LA

Gary and Dee have been married for 25 years and have raised 8 older children and 4 younger adopted children still at home. They are an older couple and also the proud grandparents now to 18 grandchildren.

Once the Davis’ Family was told their family was like a box full of Animal Crackers.  Inside the box you will find a few lions, a tig~ger or two, one big elephant, one tall giraffe and several wild monkeys. Each family member is so different but when you blend them all together and you have a box full of love. Some people do not understand that some families are created differently than others.

Every child is a gift from our Lord and we must protect and love these children. The Davis’ Family is a big supporter and advocate for adoption.

In adoption there is the paperwork on top of paperwork and then there is the cost of adopting. Adoption is costly yet the price of a child is priceless. Through much prayers and support mountains can be moved. And the Davis family is moving mountains for this one child. No child should be without a family to love them and the Davis’ Family has decided to step forward.

After completing their last adoption, the Davis’ knew that there was still love in their heart for another little one or two. Immediately they knew in their hearts just which child it was.  One little boy Reece’s Rainbow had listed for 4 long years.  On Reece’s Rainbow he is listed as Clyde.

Being that little Clyde is only 4 years old he has waited since a baby to be adopted. Clyde had been sitting in an a orphanage watching as other children were adopted. And daily Clyde has been over looked so many times. Clyde like most of his friends wants a family and yet no one stepped up till now. This little guy so full of sunshine and a smile that would melt hearts finally has a family to come bring him home. Like most little boys full or energy and so much love to give in return he deserves his chance for a family.

With the help of Reece’s Rainbow Clyde has found his family. Now that he has a mother and a father traveling for him they will be working hard to compile their paperwork. Now he who will have a family to hold his small hand and tuck him into his very own bed at night.

Many children with Clyde’s illnesses are transferred into an adult setting after age at five years. Instead of a birthday cake and presents he will be transferred. He will be mixed into an adult setting and it would be harder for little Clyde to find a family.

Sometimes we take the small things for granted like buying your child a box of Animal Crackers. But sometimes for a child in an orphanage many children die daily from not having enough to eat. The Davis’ Family ask for your prayers, love and support during their journey in bringing Clyde home. Please follow their adoption blog and share their posts as they work to move mountains to bring their new son home.


With all the happiness in Clyde’s upcoming adoption, the Davis Family is now bringing home another little boy. Little Ronald, is age 3 years and also has been waiting since he was a baby. Ronald will now be the youngest child in the Davis Family. Even though little Ronald has many special health needs he will be joining a loving family to help him thrive.

An orphanage should not be a forever home when there are homes waiting for these precious children. Let’s help both these boys by sharing their journey and help raise the much needed funds for both their adoption.

Adopting two children means double the expense and double the paperwork. So let’s not let money stand in the way of a child’s life and not having a home. Please Pray, Donate and Share so the Davis’ family can bring these boys home.  God Bless.

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$5,029.10 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Clyde has received a $10,252.44 Waiting Child Grant.
Ronald has received a $3,061.10 Waiting Child Grant.

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Andre (Orion) 2015

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