Sara and Ben are high school sweethearts, married since 2005, and had always hoped for a large family. In 2010, they were blessed to welcome their first child, Oliver, into their lives. Two years later in September of 2012, they were excitedly awaiting the arrival of their daughter Charlotte. Unfortunately Sara experienced complications during the delivery of Charlotte. Sara’s placenta ruptured and mistakes were made by the doctors and hospital in recognizing and responding. Their beautiful daughter Charlotte lived for 8 hours and then passed away in their arms. Sara lost nearly half her blood volume and they were told she was lucky to survive.

After that tragedy, they grew closer as a family, Oliver was their saving strength. A few years later they discussed growing their family again. Pregnancy for Sara was no longer an option and they were lucky to have a family friend offer to be a gestational carrier! It took some time and losses but their son Lincoln was born in April of 2015.

Today, they want to expand their family again and the thought of adoption gives their family excitement, hope and optimism. They are lucky to have a world class Children’s Hospital only a few minutes away, so they looked specifically for a child with medical needs that would otherwise fail to thrive in an orphanage. Their hopeful daughter has been diagnosed with heart disease, VSD, prematuring and an unspecified brain disorder. They plan a full evaluation once they get her home but they expect to spend quite a bit of time and money at the hospital and with potential heart surgeries. But again, they feel lucky to even have that ability to give her a chance here.

Their family is fun, they love each other and they spend their free time just being together hiking, cooking, playing board games. But they are all very excited about this opportunity to adopt. Their youngest son points at every airplane and asks if his new baby sister is on it yet. Their older son downloaded a language app and they have been practicing the language together (Brat = brother, so that one has been very popular around their house now). I know they will be blessed to add to their family through adoption, they already have been.

11/8/2019 — COURT PASSED

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Samuel and Leslie Briscoe both hail from the great state of TN. They met while attending Tennessee Technological University, and they have now been married for six years. While dating, Sam expressed his desire to adopt a child due to his youngest sister being adopted from China. Through his own family’s experience, he had seen first hand the love and joy that comes through adoption, and he had always desired to give a child the same kind of love that his parents gave to his sister.

Four years after being married, the Briscoe’s were blessed with a beautiful biological daughter in August of 2017. Shortly thereafter, they felt impressed by God to start the adoption process for a child. They had not planned on adopting at this time, but the impression was so strong from God, that they knew there was a child waiting for them. They felt excited and nervous about the prospect of bringing a child into their family through adoption, but they could not deny that this is what the Lord wanted them to do.

At the time they began the process of adopting a child, they had not considered adopting a child with Down syndrome. On the second day of looking at referrals of waiting children, they were sent the file of a little boy with Down syndrome. Independently they both knew that the boy was their child. However, that did not make the decision easy. Even though there were times of uncertainty, the Lord gave them glimpses of the love that they would have for him as well as the joy that he would bring into their family. After several weeks of praying and fasting they accepted that all children are entitled to be reared by a father and a mother, and that he belonged in their family.

They are very excited to bring their little boy home, and they can’t wait to officially add him to their family. Their daughter loves to kiss pictures of the baby, and asks to watch his video. They would like to thank those who have taken the time to read their story, and they truly appreciate any and all assistance whether it is through prayer or financial support.

The Briscoe family has truly been humbled by this experience, but they know God will support and uplift them as they do his work.


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James and Kasey Perry have been married for 15 years and live in Kentucky with their eight children.

In the fall of 2016, they saw and fell in love with a beautiful little girl in Eastern Europe, and set out to adopt her as quickly as they could. Shortly before travel, the Perrys learned this particular little girl had become unavailable for adoption in her country. They were devastated, but knew this news did not come as a surprise to God, so they continued on in faith, believing the Lord to have another child in mind. He did, in fact, and in the summer of 2017, James and Kasey brought home their precious Daisy, who has filled their home with so much love and joy!

Never forgetting the first little girl that spoke to their hearts, the Perrys faithfully prayed they’d learn something of her availability. Nearly a year and a half later, the day had finally come! “Mila” was available again! Although they are sad she has remained an orphan during this time, they are grateful to be able to travel to Easterm Europe once again, for this beautiful girl they just can’t leave behind.

Your support means the world to James and Kasey as they begin again to adopt.


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